On a dark Autumn night, there was a mysterious sound, and a ticking could be heard. Where did it come from? What made the mysterious ticking? Read on to find out more.

Before the sound of the mysterious ticking, it was a typical day in the Nuttall household. Anna and Richard spent the day doing the usual tedious household chore: food shopping, tidying up their place and cooking their meals.

Nothing out of the ordinary, till that night.

They went to bed, as usual, kissed each other good night and turned off the light. All was silence as they fell off to sleep.

On that particular night, a mysterious sound stirred Anna from her slumber. It was a particular darker than an average night, no moonlight shine through the window.

Very gently at first, a soft ticking sound could be heard, tick, tock. It sounded very much like an old fashion alarm clock.

As Anna was waking up, she could hear this mysterious ticking sound.  In her half-awake/sleep state, she thought it was her old alarm clock just ticking away. But then she remembered that she got rid of that particular alarm clock almost ten years ago. Her current alarm clock is digital and makes no sound.

What was causing that ticking sound?

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Anna lied silence and stills while hearing the mysterious ticking sound. Not daring to open her eyes to see what is causing the sound, and not daring to move in case it gets disturbed.

While lying there, with her eyes closed, she runs over the possible cause of the sound.

-Neighbours recently moved out, and the place was empty.

  • an old analogue clock decides to turn itself on, nope there are no old clocks at their home.

  • Richard in his sleep decides to make a ticking sound. Nope, he was sound asleep in a deep slumber. Silence and still.

  • mobile, nope their mobile phones were off and charged in the next room.

  • she is still asleep, nope she pinched herself to check that she was awake.

Anna tried to focus on something else, but all she could hear and think about was the mysterious ticking in the room.

As she lies there, for how long – who knows? Time seems to standstills that night. The mysterious ticking sound carries on throughout the night, gently fading as dawn approaches.

With sun slowing rising and light filling up the room, Anna opened her eyes and worked up the courage to look round the room, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing was out of place.

So what was that mysterious ticking sound? To this day, she doesn’t know. The mysterious ticking sound was indeed a mystery and has never been heard again.

Happy Halloween Everyone.