Yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn, Yay woohoo so long summer you sucks. I’m a real Autumn girl at heart, it one of my favorite seasons (follow by spring). While most people start daydreaming of long summer day, warmer weather and blue skies. I’m thinking of shorter day and longer evening, cooler weather and grey skies. Here is my top ten reasons on why I love Autumn and why you should as well.

  • Hot chocolate. Mmm forget cold glass of Primms, it all about warming yourself up with a mug of hot chocolate. Last year I was addicted (and I mean addicted) to Costa Orange hot chocolate, it got to the point where the guys would make it just as I would walk through the door. Let be honest when you are freezing cold, there’s nothing better then coming home to a mug of hot chocolate.
  • Onesie. A little bit of an odd choice, but you get to put on your onesie on in the evening and feel all warm and snugly. It like having a duvet wrapped round you keeping you all cosy.
  • Crunchie Leaves. When walking and hearing the crunch underneath your feet, doesn’t it sound so satisfactory. I love stomping my feet and hearing the leaves crunch. In my personal view, you’re never to old to crunch leaves.
  • Golden Colours. Isn’t it pretty to walk around somewhere and see all the pretty golden colours from the trees. It’s so picturesque, you just want to stop whatever you’re doing and take a photo for Instagram.
  • Uggs. Yay we can put away those sandals and we can wear our Uggs again. They are the perfect boots to wear during Autumn as it keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Halloween. I love Halloween, I love it as for me it’s the one night of the year where I can scare myself stupid. I love watching something really scary and  then scaring myself all evening. I usually do some ghost tours or something spooky.
  • It nearly Christmas. If that isn’t a reason to love autumn then bahh humbug to you.
  • A crisp chill in the air. The air become a lot fresher and cooler, it time to get out those winter jacket and put on your gloves. I think the air smell and feel really fresh and it a welcoming change for the stuffy hot summer air.
  • Longer evening. There something so inviting to longer evening, once the sun has set. It time to go home and settle down for the evening with hot chocolate. I think it make the night longer but in a way that’s a good thing as get to lie in bed longer.
  • Warm Jumper. I love the thought of wearing my warm jumper if I need to go out, it will keep me warm and cosy and dry. I have already been buying a loads of warm jumper to help me over the cooler seasons.


So those are my reason on why I love Autumn, now it your turn. Tell me if you like (or dislike) this season.

What do you think?

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1 Comment
  • Becster
    September 28, 2015

    Great reasons to love Autumn – some same as my list! I’m not a huge onesie fan though nor hot chocolate for that matter. But yes to colours and warm jumpers!!

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