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The Last of the Summer Outfits | The Royal Park at Richmond Park

by Anna Nuttall

This could very well be the last of my outfit post on here for a while. This is because we’re now in Autumn and with changing temperatures and having the sun lower in the sky it makes photos outside a little tricker. So, let me show you the last of the summer outfits while walking around a royal park.

Throughout the summer months, I kept seeing both fashion bloggers and influencers praising to the high heaven of linen dresses and how it’s the best thing to wear when temperatures are soaring. But did I take any notice? Umm, I’m going to have to say, nope. Yeah, what kind of fashion influencer am I when I’m taking no notice of a fashion trend? A pretty crappy one, let me tell you. What I’m saying is, I’m a little behind of the summer linen dress trend.

But I’m here now, and it better late than never, right? I don’t quite know what made me eventually catch up to this trend, but it finally got my attention while shopping in Primark. The dress I picked up I imagined it isn’t strictly a linen dress, but rather an ‘inspired’ one. But an ‘inspired’ knock off is still good enough for me as it got me on EBAY and buying a few real linen dresses (which I will probably show you next summer even if the trend is so over by then).

I wore my Primark linen dress while taking a walk-through Richmond Park. I have covered this park before, but I love this park, so I wanted to share it with you again.

For those who don’t know, Richmond Park is a royal park west London and its well-known for it being a Deer park. There are times when you can visit and see a whole herd of deer coming your way, and then there are other times when you never see them.

While at Richmond Park, we visited a little area, Isabella Plantation, and this where we took these photos. As I mentioned earlier, this will be the last of my outfit’s pictures on here. Don’t despair as I might do a few on my Instagram.

But I find doing outfits photos a little tricker at this time of year. Typically, it shorter day and low sunlight that can get in the way. But also, the cooler temperature makes me never knowing what to wear, and I sort of lives in my oversize sweater at this time of year, which doesn’t make it photogenic.

Anyway, enjoy these photos of my ‘inspired’ linen dress and as the last of my summer outfits. Did you get caught up with the linen dress trend?

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