Oh hello, June, where did you come from?  Seriously how is it June already? I'm going to try and make the most of summer this year - despite everything else being rubbish. I'm going to enjoy myself and have fun in the sun. Sound like a good plan, doesn't it? ⠀
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Oh hello, June, where did...

I must admit that I did get bored with balcony/mirror outfit pictures and wanted a more nature/organic photos backdrop. Well now summer is right around the corner, and the sun is indeed shining, and with news that lockdown resections are now easing, I now thought it was the perfect opportunity to go out into the wood and show you this floral Zara dress.⠀
I brought this dress at the very beginning of this year and was keen to show you guys this as I think it a lovely summer dress to wear, plus, I also thought it would go nicely with my red hat.⠀
For someone who has been cooped up, I must admit that it was nice to go into my local woodland and to walk around for an afternoon. I think it was also lovely for Richard, my husband, to pick up his camera again and to take some photos. The whole pandemic has put a pause on his professional photographer profession, and he hasn’t needed to use his camera much.⠀
It was lovely to put on a dress and to make myself look a little presentable. It got me out of my loungewear for an afternoon. The experience made me feel a little more like myself, and it put me in a good mood. As much as I like comfy loungewear, I’m still someone who wants to dress up.⠀
I’m hoping I can go out more this summer, of course still observing the social distancing rule, and doing more outdoor outfit photos. I’m also hoping this summer to wear more of my summer outfit and to feel more like myself.⠀
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I must admit that I...

Usually, when I do an outfit post or picture, I like to dress up and show you some pretty dress. But this time I thought I would show you a few of my casual wear and what I wear on a day to day basis. I must admit, as much as I love to dress up, I wouldn't exactly go to Tesco in them. So on a day to day basis, I'm usually in jeans and a top. ⠀
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Usually, when I do an...

If I were to describe my style, it would be summed up in two words: quirky and fun. I'm sure you realise by now I don't like boring black fashion – I do fun, bright, colourful style. Case in point is this Collectif watermelon dress. You can't get more quirky and fun fashion than this, can you?⠀
I like my clothes to reflect a lot of my personality, eternally youthful while also quirky and fun. Yup, that pretty much summed up me. The saying, you are who you are by the clothes you wear, really does hold up with me.⠀
I'm still that little girl who had a dressing up box as a child and would play dress-up; now I just have a wardrobe filled with more clothes than I could ever need as my dressing up box. I still like to have fun with my clothes, and I haven't lost that childhood wonder about clothes. And I don't think I ever will.⠀
Overall, what I'm saying is that this Collectif watermelon dress reflects who I am as a person and also my style. I also believe it represents how fashion shouldn't be all serious; it should be fun and should put a smile on a person's face.⠀
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If I were to describe...

* Stare at the computer screen completely blank, not sure what write*. Pretty summed up my week really - a blank space. Yup got writer block. ⠀
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* Stare at the computer...

The Importance of Sleep

We have all heard the expression, ‘’I’m so tired. It’s often a phrase we would say when you’re a real-life walking zombie. We tend to say it when we are sleep deprived and all you want to do is curl up and go into a deep sleep so you can be fresh and alert for that all important meeting.

There was research conducted by a Swedish study where if people were sleep deprived, they became less healthy and less attractive to others when compared to someone who does get their beauty sleep, the authors from The Karolinska Institute in Sweden wrote in their paper published in the British Medical Journal: “Sleep deprived people are perceived as less attractive, less healthy and more tired compared with when they are well rested.” (source) Researchers, as well as neuroscientists all, backed the facts that getting your sleep every night does improve your appearances.

First, we need we need to explore what sleep is, and why it is essential to our everyday lives. The importance of sleep is embedded into the human conscious, it is when the brain and nervous system is temporarily inactive, but why we need sleep and how it is embedded into human conscience has in fact been baffling scientists for centuries. Even now it still remains a mystery, but recordings from neuroscientists of the brain’s activities during sleep has found a constant brainwave, where sleep follows regular patterns every night. This regular recurring pattern lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 110 minutes and neuroscientist’s then divided this into two categories of non REM and REM sleep. Why this is important to beauty sleep and what does this all mean?

It is important to understand the categories of non REM and REM sleep, REM stands for rapid eye movement, non REM is divided into a light sleep, true sleep and deep sleep. This means when your muscles relax, the heart rate slows down. REM sleep means Rapid Eye Movement and although we are not conscious, the brain is active and this is the state when dreams occur, our eyes dart around (i.e. it doesn’t stay still), and the heart rate rises.

To get to that all important sleep and not to be the walking dead during the daytime is to enter the non REM sleeping state; this is a time when your muscles can relax and it gives a chance for the body to enter a restorative process where it can heal any injuries, or simply recuperate from the day activities. Sleep is important to your wellbeing and health, without it, your body wouldn’t be able to function and you would feel grumpy, groggy and forgetful without it.

Bed Guru is an online bed retailer who are sleep specialists, they are determined to help solve the sleep loss epidemic by raising awareness through the Choose Sleep campaign – educating people about the importance of sleep and ways to help get the most from a good night’s shut-eye. Bed Guru understand that no two people share the same sleeping requirements, not just as a belief but as an obligation to ensure that everybody gets a great night’s sleep!

It took 4.4 million years of evolution to develop your body’s need for 8 hours of sleep. In the last 100 years alone we’ve abandoned it almost completely. With devastating consequences to our health and wellbeing. It’s time to reclaim your right to sleep.

So next time you thinking of pulling an all-nighter or can’t get rid of the bag under your eyes in the morning then perhaps you will remember the important of sleep and why you need to have your sleep.


(In collaboration with Bed Guru)

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  • Karen - Kupon Girl
    September 15, 2018

    I really got into your post on sleep! I have insomnia so it’s hard for me to actually get to sleep. Some days I can get over 6 hrs of sleep n most days I cannot. Sleep deprived I am is true. I’m trying to find a balance to get at least 8 hrs a night!

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The Importance of Sleep

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