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The H&M Blazer That’s Rocking My Casual Style

by Anna Nuttall

While my spring/summer style is very much bohemian and classy, there is a time when I needed to look both smart and casual to my personal style.  Let me show you the H&M blazer that’s rocking my casual style.

I wasn’t even looking for one when I went to my local H&M store to find a nice blouse for myself. It was then I came across this H&M blazer that made realize – I don’t have one of my own. I have a trench coat, a nice pink rain anorak, and a parka; but not a blazer.

Ok so you’re thinking no big deal, but there was a time when I would exclusively wear a blazer almost every day. It uses to be my style staple; a blazer, a nice blouse and jeans. Why did I stop? That particular blazer soon fell apart; I like to think from over wearing. And I never replaced it.

During my past ‘blazer’ era, there was a time when I did need to look both smart and casual. It was a case of not needing to go full top to toes suit look, but enough to give a good professional impression.

I was always brought up and it’s something my mum drummed into me from a young age, on dressing for success or at least giving a good professional impression. I would get told that I won’t get anywhere in life looking like ‘slob’ or looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

As I got older, it completely true and I have never forgotten this piece of wisdom. If you go to meet someone, it’s best you don’t have a massive ketchup stain or look like you haven’t showered in a month.

The first impression really does count.

Which bring me to this H&M blazer. I didn’t even realize I was looking for a blazer when I found this one. But it made me nostalgic for the time when I did rock the blazer look and how I miss rocking it with a nice blouse and jean.

I’d like to say I have no real need for a blazer, and no longer need the ‘professional look’, but that would be foolish of me as wherever you or whoever you meet; whether you do work from home or work in an office. You always will need a ‘professional look’.

You can still rock the ‘professional look’ even in jeans and a blouse, you don’t always need to wear top to toes suit – sometimes all you need is a little touch.

So, of course, I got this H&M blazer and of course, I rock it with a blouse and jean; just like before.

While this summer I am very much into the gipsy tunics and the classic pretty dress, there will be a time when an occasion will call and I will be needing my H&M blazer. Not just for a ‘professional look’, but also for my casual style.

H&M blazer
H&M blazer

Wearing: Red Blouse | Jeans

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