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With spring soon approaching and with warming weather is nearly here, I wanted to show you this pink coat and how I’m looking forward to wearing it more next winter.

My mum horde coats and jacket, this isn’t an exaggeration – it a fact! You know how some people are obsessed with shoes, well, my mum is obsessed with coats and jackets. Her wardrobe is a real treasure trove of coats and jacket dating back to the 70s. I don’t know what this obsession is about, but she can’t stop buying them.

Which does save me money and time if I ever need a new outwear – I go to mum’s wardrobe. And that precisely what I did when I picked up this pink coat.

I was looking for a new smart coat so when I did pick the pink coat out – I knew it was going to be mine. It wasn’t being used – just hanging there, so I thought ‘that will be mine’. Mum didn’t mind, she rather I use it then it just collecting dust.

Anyway, that was how the pink coat came into my procession. Let me explain to you a little more about it.

This is a Coast Maeve coat, so it has completely sold out – however, don’t despair as I will post similar and substitute version down at the bottom.

I know what you are thinking, it doesn’t look pink – yes it more fuchsia pink—a vibrant coat where you can spot in a crowd of grey and black. As I said before, I don’t do dull colours – I go for brightness and fun.

Anyway, I wanted to show you this pink coat before the seasons changed and as I only got into a procession of it a few weeks ago, I’m looking forward now, for next winter to wear this more often. Which makes me sound crazy, but at least I know for next winter I’ll be stylish and bright.

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pink coat
pink coat
pink coat

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Winter Outfit | The Girl In The Pink Coat

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