The Creative Space Journal

Even the most creative and imaginative people on the planet, do suffer from creativity block. It happens to us all, so this why I’m showing you The Creative Space Journal today.

Welcome back to another edition of, ‘what Anna has found in Sainsbury’s this week’. Gosh, I sounded like a game show host. But another week has gone by and another trip to Sainsbury’s where I pick up something up – say a magazine – and show you all. It wouldn’t be a trip to Sainsbury’s if I didn’t come back and found something to show you.

This week I’m showing you The Creative Space journal which I got free when I bought the latest edition of Breathe magazine. This journal is normally retailed for around £9.99 at selected online stores. So as a tip, if you want to get your hand on a free journal then make sure you look for the Breathe magazine at Sainsbury’s.

What is The Creative Space Journal, not another journal filled with empty pages and lame inspirational quotes? Nope, you are wrong.

The Creative Space Journal contains over 100 tasks, projects, ideas, inspirations, creative sparks and nudges. The tasks and illustrations were all created by the artist, Lucy Irving and it was edited and designed by Ammonite Press. The idea for creating the journal came about through brainstorming sessions with the publisher about little creative tips or catalysts that would help people to bring more creativity, art and mischief to their world.

Now I personally am vaguely familiar with Lucy Irving works, but I can’t think where I see her work before. When I saw the name on the journal, I was pleasantly surprised it was an artist that I have vaguely heard off and was kind of familiar with her works. You see, this works well for me as this journal kind of gave me a familiarity and the knowledge that I found something a little special. But nope, my brain cannot remember where I’ve seen her works before.

It was only when I got home (as you can’t really read in the middle of the frozen foods aisle, can you?) that I got to take a closer look and was able to flick through the pages this was no ordinary journal.

The Creative Space journal I would describe it as a grown-up sophisticated version of the Wreck the Journal series. Unlike the Wreck the Journal where it filled with pointless tasks and not really testing the intelligent or the imagination of it readers, The Creative Space Journal does just that. I feel that The Creative Space Journal make you think a little harder and allow you to develop your own creativity.

It does it by using lovely illustrations and by breaking the books into little ‘emotions’ sections which I think is really clever. This is organized to reflect your headspace and what you are filling at that given time. So if you are angry, then go to the angry section or if you sad then go to the sad section. Do you see? And once there you will find lots of little mini tasks that are aimed at your ‘emotions’ and how it will help your creativity.

As you can see from the photos below you can easily just draw all over it. But my advice wouldn’t and perhaps do it in a separate notebook as I feel it would just ruin this book and look messy.

This book, The Creative Space Journal is aimed at anyone who often lacks the creativity or suffers from huge blocks. Trust me, we all been there. If you are struggling with your writing or with your art, then pick up this book and browse through it many mini tasks. You never know, maybe there might a spark.

I think I have said enough of this book now. If I was you, rush to Sainsbury’s and look for the latest edition of the Breathe magazine for a free copy. Or you can pick it up at Urban Outfitter for £9.99.

Will you be picking up The Creative Space journal?

Lucy Irving website.

The Creative Space Journal The Creative Space Journal The Creative Space JournalThe Creative Space Journal The Creative Space Journal The Creative Space Journal The Creative Space Journal The Creative Space Journal


The Creative Space Journal