The Confession Of A Picky Eater


Ok I’m going to talk about something that is a little personal to me, something that I’m a little scared in writing about. Why am I scared writing about it? Maybe it because I have never said it ‘out loud’ before, or maybe it because I have never truly admitted it to myself before. But at the age of 31 years old, I will finally confess by saying  it out loud while admit to myself and to anyone who is reading this- that yes I am a picky eater.

So now the big confession is out of the way, what does this all mean? I’m fussy with my food, and I mean really fussy! There are certain food I will not ever eat as they make me feel really ill. There are people around me that say I’m allergic to green foods, what that mean is I will not ever eat any foods that are green. I will not eat, peas, broccoli, green beans, cabbage, etc. If it green I will simple avoid it at all cost, I like to call it a green complex. It isn’t only green foods that I hate, it’s also some certain stuff like  salad and certain other pieces like double cream or blueberry.

I am quite frankly the world worst dinner date, It gone to the point where I don’t ever go as I can’t stand the look of all the frown turned down eyebrow. I will often canceled event if there a sit down meal and I haven’t had the chance to study the menu inside out, I will also often canceled if I have studied but found nothing I like. While most people look forward to Christmas parties or work dinner functions, I absolutely dread them to death! This has affected my ‘social’ life as people now no longer invite me and have made me very shy, I’m often offending the host by saying  ”I’m sure your fishy pickle onion dish is delicious, but it’s not for me thanks”.

Before I met Richard, I only ever ate chips, yes you heard that right. I was (and still am) a chip-a-holic, I would munch on it morning to night, I would have it with every single meals. I was little bit of a nightmare child, my parents struggled with me to like vegetables. I would every single time refuse, in the end they gave up and have this belief notion that you can’t force a child to eat something they don’t want too. I myself have that belief notion of that you can’t force a child to eat something they don’t want too. I went to boarding school and the teacher would quite frankly loose there rag at me for not eating something, there was an incident where I was in detention and I wasn’t allowed to leave until I have eaten something that made me quite ill. How on earth can you force a child too do that? I ate it but soon threw it up and I was put in further detention.

Now as I’m older I still have that memory of the food eating detention, it probably done me more hard then good as it made me more of a picky eater. While I’m still a picky eater, I have learnt to love some foods. I often say to people that I didn’t like pasta or Chinese foods (and when I say Chinese food I only like sweet & sour) till I was 20, now I eat it all the time and love it.  I have learnt to love also Mexican foods and fajita is my favorite meal to cook , and I like to consider myself to have a wide palate of taste, it just a matter of there are still some foods that I will not eat.

I firmly believe foods is all about flavor and the enjoyment of eating, people who are picky eater have what is known as ‘stronger taste palette’. They reacted stronger to certain foods, there taste buds react differently to normal taste buds.

There are hundred different way I can keep going with my picky eating confession but I’m sure by now you have the gist of it. Have it affected my health? In some way yes it have but I learnt to keep myself healthy in other way, while I don’t eat much vegetables (only carrot and swede) I compensate with eating fruits and exercising.

I’m going to run down with you very quickly on what I roughly eat on a day-to-day basis (or at least a page out of my food diary):

Breakfast: A soft boiled egg with toast.

Lunch: Ham sandwich with crisp.

Dinner: Noodle with sweet & sour sauce and chicken.

That doesn’t sound too bad does it? I might in between snack on some fruits or a tons of chocolate but a simple easy enough meals get me through day-to-day.

I’m going to leave you with an article I wrote in my final year at uni, it’s an investigative piece on picky eater. It was a hot topic in the press at the time and I found it therapeutic to write it.



Please also leave me questions down below, I will be happy to answer them for you. Also if you yourself a picky eater then please share your experience below.

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  • Katie L Clark
    September 15, 2015

    Oh Anna! I’m glad I’m not alone in this, I’ve always had more than a slight phobia of foods like peas, sweetcorn etc…. it’s not as if I don’t even like eating them, I can’t even touch them!
    I also used to have a bit of a problem with pasta… being Vegetarian my whole life has made being picky even harder as well 😛 I’ve got a lot better recently, I forced myself to be catered for the first 2 years of university to try and eat like a “normal” person!
    I’m off to check out the article now, thanks for sharing! xx

  • Anna Nuttall
    September 21, 2015

    Hi Katie. I know some who while she was at uni only ever ate baked beans on toast, nothing (an i mean nothing else, i would often hang out with her!). I also know someone who went travelling and survived on pot noodle and walkers crisp for nearly a year (she stocked up before leaving!).

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The Confession Of A Picky Eater

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