Over the last 6 months I have been getting a lot traffic from Twitter, here are the best way to get traffic to your blog via Twitter.

Us bloggers are all twittering idiot. Well you might not be – I am anyway. I will admit when Twitter first came on the scene I wasn’t so sure on it. I didn’t get the tweeting bug straight away, it was only till my favorite singer (I’m not saying who cause I’m properly blushing right now!) joined and got a Twitter profile that I then caught the tweeting bug.

I soon found it was an amazing platform to connect with bloggers and to have somewhere I can rant about something that gone wrong on your day. It was also a great way to find people who can instantly answer any queries you might have, no more waiting around to see if that IT guy will email you back; you can get an instant answer.

Anyway, over the years I have become addicted to Twitter and it has only been in the past 6 months, that I have noticed it’s a great way to get traffic to your blog.

As I have reported on my April Blog Traffic Report and one that I will mentioned again tomorrow when I do publish my May blog traffic report; that Twitter has been an amazing source of blog traffic.

I thought today I will show you what I consider the best way to get traffic to your blog via Twitter. These are techniques that worked well for me – so I’m hoping they will work for you.

Here is the best way to get traffic to your blog via Twitter.

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags like it going out of fashion! That’s my first piece of advice. Seriously Hashtags helps you connect to a wider audience on Twitter. If you have just published a new blog post and want more people to read it then, do something like this.

New blog post Zebra crossing at London Zoo @ http://biytlre #newblogpost #lbloggers #ukbloggers #zebra #londonzoo

I will get on to the weird hyperlink on Twitter shortly, but that is just an example. Use the right hashtags. So if your blog post is on fashion, use #fbloggers #fashionbloggers #fashion.

Do not overcrowd your tweet with hashtags as it will make people think you’re just spamming. Just a minimum of 3 or 4 should do it.

Use pictures

To those who are already familiar with Twitter 140-character limit, horary adding pictures no longer add to your limit. Meaning that adding pictures to your tweet is no longer an issue. So go ahead and add a picture to your twitter. But, only add a picture if it relates to what you are tweeting about. So if you just published a new blog post on ginger cats, then add a picture relating to your ginger cat blog post. When combined with hashtags, adding a picture can really help you stand out.

the best way to get traffic to your blog via Twitter

Illustrate your mood with Gifs

If you are having a bad day, illustrate your mood with a gif. I have to admit that I love the gifs function on Twitter. It doesn’t necessarily help you get traffic to your blog, but it does help you stand out. It’s also a way for you to have fun and for people to know you.

Join Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are not only a great way of finding new people to connect with. Especially if you write on a specific niche.

There are so loads of different Twitter chats on the go at any point within the week. Here is a rough  Twitter chat schedule.

With these Twitter chat, everyone is required to use the hashtag when tweeting so that other people taking part can then easily find you.

Use a shorter hyperlink

When writing a tweet, you are bared with only 140-character limit so there might not be room to write your long blog post url. This often can be a pain in the neck, so a solution is to use a shorter hyperlink.

I prefer to use the shorter hyperlink from Hootsuite, but the most popular one is bitly. Just paste in your full url and it will automatically shorten it for you.

This save you space to write your hashtags and anything else you want to tweet about.

Auto-published on Twitter

When published a new blog post, no need to manually to tweet about it. You can get a plugin that does it for you automatically. Jetpack WordPress plugin always work well for me. Just set it up on your WordPress admin area and it does all the hard work for you.

Tweet Your Old Blog Post

There no rules on why you can’t tweet your old blog post. And yup you guested correctly, there a plugin that does it for you. Revive old post plugins is one that I use.

Encourage people to retweet your tweet

It isn’t only hashtags that make you stand out; I find if you encourage people to retweet your tweet then that will also make stand out.

My advice is to add the Twitter social media button on your blog and I have found if people like your post, then they will tweet about it.

Don’t go around asking people to retweet your tweet, but maybe at the end of the blog post perhaps say; if you enjoyed this then please do share with all your friends.  Don’t go overboard and be all spammy.

the best way to get traffic to your blog via Twitter

That was the best way to get traffic to your blog via Twitter. As always, if you got any advice or I might have I missed out on something – then please do say in the comment box.