During the weekend I was in a reflective mood as it been a whole year now since I left my retail job. So during my rather reflective weekend, I was thinking about the best thing about being a blogger.

A whole year of having a massive weight lifted off my shoulder, no longer do I waking up feeling with an unhappy feeling. A whole year being self-employed and doing my own things and calling the shot. I cannot express fully what this mean to me so I will leave it there but I’m so much happier than before.

I love writing in this little blog so I feel I should list down everything about being a blogger:

The Freedom 

The freedom to write anything that is on your little mind, the freedom to write what ever you want. You gotta admit that an amazing feeling, and you also be aware that not a lot of writer has that freedom. This blog is a lifestyle blog but your blog can be about anything you want. Richard for example read a futuristic blog and I sometime read a spooky paranormal blog. So if you really want to write a topic about something that you are interested in then go ahead.

the best thing about being a blogger

Meeting People

Not only do you have the freedom – you also are able to meet people. I regularly go to blogger meet-up and it brilliant to meet other bloggers, it also great to meet someone who write to your blog niche. When you go to meet-up, you can gossip about #bbloggers or anything to do with the online realm. So if you are new to the blogging world – then go to a meet up and meet other bloggers.

The Opportunity

Now I will admit I’m an opportunist, but I don’t think all blogger should be like that. Before you think I’m crazy – remember I was going crazy in my retail job where I generally thought I would never get anywhere in life. So in a sense that made me an opportunist as I wanted to get somewhere in my life and any opportunity that came my way – I took.  I’m always really grateful for anything that come my way, and I do consider myself to be very lucky. However I think all blogger shouldn’t be like that, if you in it just for the money or the freebie then you are doing it all wrong. Don’t be in the blogging-game just to get all the glory and all the reward – sure it nice and amazing to be gifted free things but it isn’t all there is when come to being a blogger.


Is there anything else you can add? What the best thing about being a blogger for you?