The Art of Handwriting

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As some as you may remember, I went to a Viking Shakespeare evening where we had sonnets and calligraphy.  After the event, the organisers very kindly gave us a writing kit so we can do calligraphy at home.

This writing kit consists of one feathered writing pen, ink and a stamp. Everything one needs to write a sonnet or perhaps an award-winning play.

The writing kit did get me thinking, how we kind of lost the art of handwriting and how we now more than often tap our words out – rather than using good old fashion pen and ink.

Well, it true, even now as I’m writing this out I’m tapping away on my keyboard, I’m not putting pen to paper.

I was having a conversation with someone recently how we hardly ever write a letter to someone or even post a greeting card. Everything is digital and electronic.

When I was testing out the writing kit, there was something familiar with using it. I was brought up with using a pen and changing the ink cartridge. So it felt like I was greeting an old friend. Sure, I got ink smudge on my hand, and I messed up my writing, but it felt almost natural to use.

So have we lost the art of handwriting? The answer to this makes me sad, as I feel that we have. No longer are we writing a sonnet or perhaps a play, we all tapping away on electronic devices.

I’m not saying, we should put down our devices and write everything using pen and paper, but perhaps we should try to re-connect a lost art.

Here a scary scenario for you, if the world tomorrow has a massive power cut and all electronic devices stopped working, and everything reverts back to the olden days, what would you do then? You won’t be able to record anything using your phone or tablet, so the only way you would be able to write the doomsday scenario is by pen and paper.

This writing kit has made me feel nostalgic and makes me want to reconnect the pen and ink. I’m going to make more of an effort to stop tapping away on my devices and to use the kit.

So folks, what I’m trying to say is, don’t lose the art of handwriting and start using pen and paper more often. After all, you never know – you might be the next modern day poet.

the art of handwriting
the art of handwriting
the art of handwriting
the art of handwriting
the art of handwriting
the art of handwriting

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  • Karen
    April 17, 2019

    It is scary if the electronics- computer world came to a halt. Would def have to go back to old school and write stuff in books; pen- ink – pencil -paper. Loved the little quotes you wrote! 🙂

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