Ted Baker Bathing Blooms Products

If you looking for some lovely designer bathing products that will make your skin smelling like a flower garden, then you might like these Ted Baker Bathing Blooms products.

I was gifted these for Christmas last year and my plan were to take these with me. But I didn’t, well I really wanted to and I didn’t forget or anything – I just couldn’t fit them in my macro beauty bag. When backpacking, you only have a limited amount of space of what you can take with you.

Anyway, once I got back I thought now would be the time to start using them. It would be a shame not to use them, as they look so pretty and the products themselves are only sample sizes.

I have been a fan of Ted Baker for a long time, and I’m not just talking about their beauty products. I just love anything Ted Baker and would happily buy everything from there. But, there is a big but. Their prices are outside my limit of what I could spend on clothes. I think my husband would divorce me if I came home with a £200 dress!

So for now, I’m going to stick with their beauty products. Let me show these Ted Baker Bathing Blooms products.

‘’Relax with this delightful set of pretty pearl miniatures. Including body wash, body soufflé. Bubble bath and body spray. The collection blends red fruits note with soft rose petals, sandalwood, musk and raspberry leaf.’’


Now I must confess, my first impression – apart from the packaging being very pretty. Was that I thought these products are going to the typical generic synthetics beauty products where it doesn’t do the skin much good. The typical ‘designer’ product products where the packaging is more important than the actual beauty products. Another designer product name that springs to mind is Zoella beauty. When they say it made from nature – when really it been made by chemicals and using synthetics ingredients.

So overall I didn’t have high hopes for these:

The Body Spray:

If you like your body spray smelling of roses, with a hint of musk. Then this is your body spray. Should give you a warning now, this is a powerful smell. And it lingers and stays put. So you could very well be smelling like a flower garden all day. This is something you would use as a last resort. Oh, make sure you only spray a small amount as it – as I said –very powerful on the scent.

The Body Souffle:

I have a mixed relationship with body soufflé, yes I know they good for the skin – but a lot of the time they can be really greasy for the skin. Some in the past has been really good, while others haven’t. I like something to sink into the skin quickly and make it soft. Can you guess on which categories this falls in? If you guessed the categories where it makes skin greasy and doesn’t sink in – then you are right. After a while (maybe after 2 minutes) it made my skin soft, but I had to wait for it to sink in. During the time, you just feel greasy using it and wondered whether to wipe it off with a tissue. This also has a flower blooms smell to it, which also linger and can be overpowering.

The Body Wash:

Once again, if you like your body washes smelling of roses and musk – then you will like this. It does smell of flowers blooms, but I didn’t find this one linger and so overpowering. Maybe I became nose blind. You really need to only use this on wet skin, this does not work like a body lotion. Yeah, I totally thought I could use it as a body lotion. No, you can’t. I personally didn’t have a problem using this, maybe because it was for wet skin – meaning you can wash this off instantly. Afterwards, I didn’t really notice my skin any softer.

The Bubble Bath:

As I’m not one to have a bath (I get bored and restless in them), I used this one a little different. I filled up a sink and put a small amount of this in and gave myself a body wash using this. Did it foam up and produced bubbles – well only a little bit. Not enough I think to fill up a bath, but enough to get the bubbles started. So you might have to put a different product in as well to make it a real bubble bath. Once again, used on wet skin and overall I didn’t notice much difference. My skin felt soft, but I wasn’t sure it was because of my little bubble bath product.


I think the point I’m making with these is that, with my first impression thinking they are the typical synthetics designer products where the packaging is more important than the product wasn’t that far off. I wasn’t wrong to think this and after using them, yeah they are the typical synthetics beauty products where it doesn’t really do the skin much good. I felt the smell of blooms and flowers garden was more important than doing anything to the skin.

Now I don’t want you to click away and think to yourself – no thanks I am not trying that. There are some good side to Ted Baker Bathing Blooms, for a starter they are miniature sizes and ideal to take away with you on holiday (not backpacking – well you can take them backpacking, but just not my backpack!), Also if you happen to like smelling like a flower garden, then these are for you.

So please do try these Ted Baker Bathing Blooms products for yourself, and let me know how you get on.


Ted Baker Bathing Blooms

Ted Baker Bathing Blooms

Ted Baker Bathing Blooms

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  • Sandra
    July 12, 2018

    Thanks for the great product. I love rose scent <3

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