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summer red skirts

Summer Red Skirts

I’m now on the hunt for the perfect summer red skirts. So here a selection of summer red skirts that I’m hoping will be my staple wear throughout the summer.

Is anyone else finding is weird that we’re in summer – already!? The past 6 months has flown by and I feel I have blinked and have just somehow missed it. Seriously I’m not prepared for summer and my entire mindset right now is still set on spring.

Gosh I haven’t even thought about where I would like to go for a little summer break or what I’m going to wear this summer. As you can see I have very important decision to make. We all know how important it is to plan your summer wardrobe. What a girl to do?!

In all seriousness, I’m usually am way ahead of myself and have already a plan – well it a rough plan – but it still a plan. But this year, it has all gone to pots. Plan completely out of the window.

So now I’m having to scramble around and to somehow work out a plan – and the first thing on my agenda is a strange one.

I recently found myself just wanting a perfect summer red skirt. It strange isn’t it? Why all I sudden I want a red skirt?  It feels like I woke up one morning and decided that, ‘hey, you know what I want in my life – a red skirt’.

The thing is, I never been one to wear a skirt. It just doesn’t suit my squash jelly beans statue and I’m not one who like to show off my pins.

Why this sudden need for a red skirt? Now my only conclusion, is that now I have found my perfect red dress, I have this inability to now find a red skirt.

If you might recall, I spent a few good years finding the perfect red dress – so I’m not expecting a sudden miracle and suddenly chance upon the perfect skirt. I’m expecting myself being the Columbia of the shopping world where I’m on a quest and I’d be on the seas for many years endlessly searching.

Anyway to help me on this hunt, I have put together a selection of summer red skirts that I’m hoping will be my staple wear throughout the summer.  So folks join me on this quest and together we can find the perfect summer red skirts.

If you see any you like, let me know in the comments. It might help me make an inform decisions.

summer red skirts

(left to right – top to bottom)

Red Tassel Mini Bodycon Skirt

PETITE Red Button Mini Bodycon Skirt

Red Lace Overlay Full Midi Skirt

Red Cheesecloth Maxi Wrap Skirt

JDY Red Pleated A-Line Skirt

Sophia Floor Sweeping Maxi Skirt

Madison Boutique Crochet Lace Midi Skater Skirt


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  • Me, I love the petite one with the buttons on the sides. I do wear skirts a lot so I understand your need to search!

    6th June 2018

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