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With summer just around the corner, now I thought would be a good time to introduce you all to Carla bikini.

This is an Australian online store that does gorgeous swimwear and beachwear. Seriously after looking at their website, you will be wanting to hit the beach in their bikini.

As with all swimwear store, you will find all the classic women bikini styles, however with Carla bikini you will also find that little extra that will appeal to your personal tastes and preferences. The all in one women swimsuits are the perfect choice for anyone who love to swim, and it also feature flattering floral print styles from Fantasy which have been specially created for curvy girls.

There are some wonderful looks from swimwear brands such as Sea folly, Livia and Marie Mieli.

You will find an exceptional selection of women swimwear in colours from classic black and navy to jewel bright and colourful vibrant patterns.

Take a look at the small selection I have chosen from the Carla bikini website which have caught my eyes. But in honesty I could easily buy everything on there.

Carla bikini


Seafolly 1 Piece White Swimsuit Castaway Stripe

Seafolly One Piece Blue Turquoise Réversible Deep V Swimwear

Seafolly Multicolor Triangle Swimsuit Spice Temple

Seafolly Pink High Neck Swimsuit Ocean Rose

Seafolly 1 Piece Black Swimsuit Ocean Rose

Seafolly Pink Wrap Front Bralette Bikini Top Kashmir D Cup

Seafolly Blue Wrap Front Bandeau Bikini Kashmir

The current collection of women swimwear comprises of halter neck styles, flattering tankinis and cool string bikinis.

There has never been a better time to plan an exotic holiday what with the weather here in the UK being so lousy; and you can never have too many women swimsuits for any holiday or breaks.

So if you are planning on going somewhere for the summer then I do recommend you to buy a swimwear from the website. But however If you are planning just a day at the beach then you must also look at Carla bikini beachwear selection.

My recommendation is to this summer, complete your beachwear outfit with clothes, bags, hats that matches your favorite bikini: dresses, flip-flops, bags and beach towels.

This summer go all out and make the most of it. Have fun and wear a Carla bikini on the beach.

(This post does contain affiliate links, but I reviewed this website myself and gave a honest response. I will never put anything I hasn’t tried out myself.)



  • robin rue
    May 8, 2017

    I definitely need a new swim suit this year. I gained some weight, so mine from last year doesn’t fit. These are all super cute.

  • Maja
    May 8, 2017

    Seafolly Blue Wrap Front Bandeau Bikini Kashmir is beautiful! ???

  • Melissa
    May 9, 2017

    Those are gorgeous bikinis. However, I fear, that on account of my size, I would look like a potato in one.

  • Yesenia Morales
    June 7, 2017

    Thanks!! About to take a road trip with my in-laws <3 Thanks!!

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Summer bikini | Introducing Carla Bikini

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