While summer might feel like a long way away, it will come around before you know it. And with that – the start of summer holiday. So here are a few summer 2018 travel essentials you don’t want to miss out on.

Despite just coming back from a backpacking travelling adventure across Europe, I’m finding myself thinking of my next escapade. I have got the travel bug after all. I just want to do it all over again. Not necessarily backpacking or travel places to places by train, but just to go on holiday somewhere. This time I want a simple holiday where there a pool and cocktails. Also where it warm (not too hot, remember I am Goldilocks of the weathers) and there still places you can explore.

I’m sure you yourself, are planning your own little summer holiday. The kind of holiday where you can relax and soak up the sun, while the kids still have fun and plenty of things to do.

If you have booked your summer holiday for this year and just counting down to when you can go. While also needing a little advice on travel essentials, then help is on hand.

Here my tips on summer 2018 travel essentials you don’t want to miss out on.

A Good Solid Holiday Bag:

A strong sturdy bag that will hold quite a lot of items. Such as Beach towels, a book, a camera, sun cream, and also your beach/day wear.

Pool Inflatable Float:

There nothing more relaxing or more fun than a pool inflatable float. As with inflatable lilos or an inflatable flamingo, you can just lay back and soak up the sun.


This can be your iPod or iPad, or perhaps even a good book. A little something that will keep you entertained while on the beach.

Sun cream:

This almost doesn’t need to be said. It better be safe than sorry, after all, you don’t want to end up looking a burnt bacon, do you?


For all your entertainment gadgets and gizmo, of course. People tend to forget about chargers when they start thinking about travel essentials.


Those were my summer 2018 travel essentials; do you have any of your own to add?


(Written for onbuy.com)