Finding Your Style with Stitch Fix

I keep seeing ads on Instagram on personal clothing stylist subscription box, so I figure a week ago that I might as well try one out and see how it goes.

A personal clothing stylist subscription box is where you let a professional stylist pick your clothes based on a few questions. It is as simple as that. The great thing is, based on a few questions where they ask you what your style is, they will send over five items of clothes they have picked out, and you only need to pay if you decide to keep a piece of clothes.

Delivery and setting up a ‘style’ profile (it just where they ask you question about your style) is all free, and you only need to pay a small deposit (£ 5-10 max) and if you decide to keep an item of clothing. Which I think is bloody marvellous.

I, of course, love this idea; I find it interesting that someone else is picking my clothes and getting a sense of what my style is from an outside perspective. I know what my style is and what kind of things I like – but can anyone else understand it based on a few questions. You can see why I was intrigued.

Stitch Fix is the one personal clothing stylist platform, and it was something I tried out last week. Here is how I got on.

Right off the bat when filling in the form I got into a small problem – the height. I’m 4ft10, but the height only allowed 5 ft up. It, not a big problem but it might be an issue when someone is deciding on what clothes I like. There’s an option where you can add additional information, and I did specify that I’m only 4ft10.

For delivery this didn’t take long, it was only six days after I filled in the form, I received it. I could not wait to open this box as I was keen to discover new clothes and to see what a professional stylist make of my style – but I was left a little disappointed.

The items of clothes were not to my taste, and it was the kind of items I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself.

Item 1 – the mustard shirt.

Finding Your Style

I know I hanged it all wrong in the picture, but this is not me at all. I hate the mustard colour, and this was not designed for a big boob woman. It was too short and small. I was not too fond of this.


Item 2 – The red top.

Finding Your Style

I did quite like this red French Connection top, but I have 50 million of the same things, I didn’t want another one and, sadly this was too small for me.

Item 3 – The pink T-shirt.

Finding Your Style with Stitch Fix

I wasn’t a fan of the print and the fact it was tied up at the back, it didn’t suit my figure and was too small.

Item 4 – The mini skirt.

Finding Your Style with Stitch Fix

I’m not a fan of mini skirt – hate showing off my legs. I prefer long flowing midi skirt. Right off the bat, I didn’t like this.

Item 5 – The Black Dress.

Finding Your Style with Stitch Fix

This is an Oasis black dress, and I didn’t hate it – but I didn’t fit me properly.


Yeah, I didn’t like what they picked for me. It wasn’t really me. I do bright, fun, quirky boho fashion, and it wasn’t any of that. The sizing was all wrong, and as I have a narrow waist with wide hips, and they didn’t think about my body shape. I also felt they didn’t really look at my style profile in-depth and just picked out any clothes.

Final Thoughts.

Despite being disappointed with the items of clothing, I have booked in a new Stitch Fix delivery next month. I’m keen to give them another try. I did tweak my style profile, so hopefully, I should get some clothing improvement with the next delivery.

It was a fun experiment, and I can’t make an overall decision on whether to keep using them until my next delivery. Perhaps, you might be luckier than me.

A Few Notes.

  • The deposit is a onetime payment. You won’t need to keep pay for every delivery.
  • Courier is Royal Mail which is handy as you can use the post office to collect and return.
  • Do keep an eye on your Stitch Fix account as you will need to check out when you received the items.
  • Simply print off a return label and use the same box for returning.
  • Go a size up to be on the safe side when filling out your style profile.
  • You can decide whether you want a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box and you can cancel anytime.

What do you think?

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Finding Your Style with Stitch Fix

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