I would say that I’m now a positive person. What I mean by that, I wasn’t always a positive person – I was down right miserable and a permissive. I let stressful situation bother me and every day I would wake up feeling down in the dump.  I think the biggest change in my mood was meeting Richard, my husband and changing my work situation. This guy is quite frankly the most positive happy person on earth, it incredibly hard to be in a bad mood when you’re around him, he’s also a very grounded person and offer good solid advice when life isn’t going my way. I’ve mentioned my previous work experience before and how it left me utterly down in the dump and very stressed.

So with that said, I’m a positive person due to the changes in my life and people I have met and now been living my life in a more positive way over the last year. With that all said and done I thought I would share some tips for staying positive in 5 easy steps. I say ‘easy‘ very loosely because I know it never easy to stay positive, but with a little practice  every day and with these 5 advice, it might help change your outlook on life.

Start your day on a happy & fresh note

Wake up with a smile on your face, I know this isn’t always easy but once you start to smile you will feel instantly happier. When you start your day on a happier and fresher note, your day will be a lot easier to deal with whatever you are doing. Look into your bathroom mirror and smile and if you are having trouble doing that then perhaps stir up a memory that made you have a giggle fits, that should make you instantly smile.  As well as smiling, also wake up to a morning routine that you can look forward too, even if it mean just brewing your favorite cup of coffee or putting on spotify. Even if you have to wake a little earlier, do it as it give you time to pamper yourself and give you a fresh outlook for the day ahead.

Stop living in the past

One of the main things I’ve learned over the past year or so is to stop living in the past, yeah that situation was completely rubbish and I was stressed out of my brain but I moved on and I’m now living in the present. Letting your mind wander to past stressful experiences or trying to predict how the future going for you can set you  in a state of unhappiness or anxiousness; I know I was the same for a very long time. Try to erase it in your mind by perhaps writing it in a diary and then through it away or talk it all through with someone. Life is for living now, remember yolo.

 Deal with a problem directly

Dwelling on a problem will only extends the course of your negative thinking. If a problem comes up that puts you in bad spirits, deal with it as soon as possible. By dealing with a situation and moving on is something I’m still learning, so I know it isn’t always easy. Deal with the problem by writing a letter/email to that person saying how unhappy you are, or perhaps speak to them directly. It a very brave thing to do but hopefully should clear any bad energy and solve the problem directly.

Don’t get wrapped up in other people’s problems

I’m sure we all seen those status on Facebook where someone post what I called ‘attention seeking status’, you know the one who write every thing that is happening in their life. Or someone who come into work/school/college/uni/club with a bucket loads of problems, so much so you ended up being wrapped in that person problem. To the point where it affecting your mood, you feel as down in the dump as this person. What I learn is that other people will always have their problem and will always post those attention seeking status. Be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen over coffee, the thing to remember here is to not let those problems become a part of your life. Do whatever you can to help out that friend, but taking on the weight of their own problems will only transfer that negativity into your own life. Remember that life have a way where things will work out and that for the mean time you can only support them. And also you can always block those attention seeking status if it get too much..but shh don’t tell them that.

Don’t let small issues become big ones

As I mentioned before, if you continue to dwell on a situation or an issues from the past, it will grow and grow and eventually take over your life. Stop before it does actually take over your life, and squash it at the very beginning. If you can’t deal with something then walk away or move onto something else. Once again I know this isn’t easy but remember you do have a choice in life and you should never-ever let a small issue bring you down. You need to shake it off.


I hope you liked these small bits of advice. I’m obviously not an expert or anything. What would be your plan on positive?