I’m not one to be sitting out on a hot summer day wanting to get a tan, if anything after sitting out all day the sun ray just bounced off me and I’m still pale as paste. I don’t get tan easily, I have a very pale complexion and even at the height of summer I be completely tan-free. I attribute my ‘pale complexion’ to 1930s movie stars look with the pale skin, rosy lips and mysterious eyes, for me I prefer that look and style; Dita Von Teese has mentioned in interviews how she prefer the 1930s era look and has modeled herself in that fashion, to me that scream classic beauty. I have a ‘pet’ hate for sunbed and uv-ray room as it has been linked to skin cancer and dangerous skin alignment, if you tune into something like Towie or some Beverly Hills reality show more often the people are looking frightfully more orange then a golden glow.

Despite me liking the pale complexion and being pale as paste, I often wish I have that little bit of colour ; when I was younger I had people screaming ‘ghost’ or an old women asking me ‘are you ill dear?’ which bring me to my point.

faketan 004

Introducing the St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face & Body Lotion, I’m not normally a fan off tan lotion but this was feature during LFW and there been many people raving about this so I was luckily enough to be given this to sample.

If I’m honest after using this and reading the raving review, I’m now loving this little product. The past couple week I have been little paler then usual due to the changing temperature and season so this was a blessing for me to use.

faketan 009


As you can see from the picture the bottom one I’m tan free while the top one is tan, It give you little golden glow without going over the top.

When applying it instantly sinked into the skin so application need to be quick, for a deeper glow just add another layer. With all tan lotion you need to be careful for tan line so be precise where you want the lotion to cover. The best thing about this lotion is how easily it is to was off, I have in the past scrub off tan lotion but simple apply water and wolia I’m back to pale as paste. Another thing I should note is how it has a pleasant smell and isn’t over powering, the serum also moisturise your skin while applying it; that’s an added bonus.

If you want some for yourself and want to add some colour this christmas then I highly recommend this as I was pleased with the result.

You can buy some on the St Tropez Website