I’m feeling nostalgic recently and been spending my time listening to songs I listened to while I was growing up. Here are songs that rocks my soul.

Being born in the early 80s, I was exposed to both 80s music, but also 70s and even the 60s. I then spent my teen years in the 90s where I was a Spice Girls fan.

Throughout my life I have been listening to wide range of songs that I like to think have influence me and have made me the person I am. I grew up watching MTV and listening to Capital FM radio. I remember spending pocket money on Smash Hits and waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch Live & Kicking.

Growing up we didn’t have Spotify or at least instant access to music like we do now, we would wait patience for the new CD to come out, or wait for the radio to play the song you liked. I would use my Walkman and spend my evening listening to the latest songs (much to the dismay to my poor mum as she would often call me and I wouldn’t hear her!)

(Funny story, once my mum was calling me to come downstairs, I couldn’t hear her as I was listening to my Walkman; so she started to yell fire hoping I would come downstairs. The next thing I knew was my sister came running into my room in a state of panic!)

What I’m saying is, I grew up being surrounded by music. From a wide range of genre and from different era. And as I was saying earlier it has really influence me and made me the person I am.

I have put together a collection of songs that rock my soul while I was growing up. I want to share with songs that made my childhood so much cooler, if you know what I mean. Or at least hell a lot of enjoyable.

So sit back and take a stroll down memory lane. Here are songs that rocks my soul.