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Have a smiley face this weekend – it almost christmas

by Anna Nuttall


When out shopping this weekend, buying last minute gifts and foods, please take a moment to think of people who work in retails and are working as hard as they can.

If you can’t buy the thing you really want or can’t get the cranberry stuffing – please don’t take it out on us, we’re working as fast and as hard as we can.

I’m going to be working all this weekend and if I’m honest, I’m having terrible anxiety about it so before you loose your rage  at us staffs just remember..

To take a deep breath, and put on a little smile – the christmas cheer will hopefully brighten you day. Say c’est la vie and get on with your day.

Thank you, while this might not be my usual post, I felt I needed to write it. Just have a little patience and be nice to people who is working this weekend.

After all Christmas is only once a year..Thank god!

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Lizzie Ford 20th December 2013 - 12:14 pm

I hope it goes well, it must be a hard job-especially this time of year dealing with people in their ‘rush rush’ moods! I think it’s so important to just take a step back and remember that people can only do the best they can to help you + getting angry won’t change that!
Besides, there are an awful lot of less fortunate people who never get ‘the cranberry stuffing’.
Good luck this weekend!
L x

Anna Nuttall 24th December 2013 - 8:54 pm

Happy Christmas Lizzie 🙂


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