Should I move my blog to https
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Should I Move My Blog to HTTPS?

Changes are coming and the big question on any blog/website owner’s lips is: Should I move my blog to https?

Google has announced that their web browser chrome will start to display a ‘not secure ‘warning message for unencrypted web pages. I don’t know about you, but when I see those little warning I always get a little worried and tend to click off. So for any blog/website owner, this is a little unnerving.

If you are serious about your blog or online business, then this is something not to overlook as Google does check to see if you’re using the HTTP or https. I also like to think you blog readers will check to see if that website is secure and safe. Especially if that blog is selling items through it.

If you are also serious about SEO and want to help your blog ranking, then https is also a deciding factor as it has been known from Google it really helps push you up on their SERP (search engine result page).

So I suppose the overall question is: How important is it?

Yes, I would say it is important and necessary to all blog owners.  As I have already mentioned, any blogs that have the https address will display a lock symbol and on Google Chrome, ‘secure’. However, if it isn’t on https, you won’t see the symbol and blog readers may be warier about visiting and commenting on a post.

There are also other benefits as well:

  • Good for you blog SEO. Google has said that all sites that have https will rank higher, increased traffic, and more interaction (i.e. more comments on blog posts).
  • Make your site secure. Your site at all time will have the little padlock symbol and no warning message.
  • Securer data. This is especially beneficial to any bloggers selling items through their blog.

If you are convinced: how do you go about getting a https?

You need to do two things:

  • Contact your host, I feel this might be not only the first step but the right step. They are the expert (or at least I feel they are) in this field and would know what to do.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate. Once again as a step, contact your host. I do know there is three kind of certificate you can purchase. It all depends on what kind of blog you have and if you are selling anything on it.

Changing this site to https has been on my wishlist for a while now. I just never got round to it. As well as changing this site, I have to do my business site as well. I also got to do my bag blog (which I have closed again as I got to sort out hosting issue!). You can see why I put this off.

But now I better get my skates on. So I will slowly be changing this site to https.

That isn’t what this is about and I suppose I better get back to the original question, Should I move my blog to https? Honestly, yes. If you are like me and is obsessed with blog traffic and SEO. The go ahead and do it. But if you want a little online space to write your diary entries then it might not be worth it as you just want somewhere to write online and not really care for all of this.

There much better and worthwhile guide if you google https. I feel I only touched the basic here. Once I get round to changing this site to https, I will write here on how I got on and my experience with the change.

Should I move my blog to https

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