Here is a short story of my alcohol consumption. From 90s boozy barcadi breezer to loving Pina colada.

While growing up I always viewed alcohol with the deepest disgust. I thought it make people behave badly and I could never understand what the fuss was about.

I would see my family member at get-together just losing all their common sense and it would make me so mad. I remember one time seeing my aunt doing something vulgar in front of people and I hid in the corner and cried my eyes out, as I couldn’t understand why people was behaving like that. Where was my parents you might ask, they were watching and laughing with everyone? I had family member telling me to lighten up and it was just a bit of fun. But for me, at the time of being 11 or 12 years It made me really upset and uncomfortable.

I also remember growing up my dad would come home from the pub stinking of cigarette and beers. That another thing, I hated pub due to the smell of cigarettes. Smoking is a crap disgusting habit and entering a pub it would just stink of cigarettes smokes and you couldn’t breathe. My parents rarely took me into a pub as I would end up having a coughing fit.

Moving on a little, I was in high school and my best friend was born with kidney failure. Every week she was on a special machine that helps her kidney. The dialysis machine. So I would visit her in hospital and as I said before, she was my best friend so I always went out of my way to help her. At 16 years old, she got accepted into a kidney transplant programs, this gave her new kidney and new independent. We turned 18 and I got persuaded to go to a club. As I said before I’m quite a shy nerdy girl so clubbing wasn’t my thing but my friends wanted to go – so I did. (I was so pleased when I met Richard and he said he hate clubbing. We’re two peas in a pod!)

To cut a long story short. She had a kidney transplant and she got told she can drink – but not to overdo it. But that didn’t stop her. She turned into a little alcoholic, she would drink like their no tomorrow. Her mum would find 2 empty bottles of wine under her bed, she be out every night at the pub.

Being the friend I am, I tried to help her. She wouldn’t listen – she would get so mad at me. I tried to get her to go to counselling, take her to AA meeting. Then one night we got into a flaming bad argument and it got so bad, we never spoke again. She threw me out of her place and that was it.

I found in my mid 20s that she lost her kidney and she back on dialysis and she was waiting for a new transplant. I never knew what happen. I met Richard and moved on with my life and that was it.

short story of my alcohol history.

When Richard and I was dating, sure we went out to a local pub and had a diluted alcohol drink. When the law was introduced with smoking being banned inside pub, it made me want to visit one. Ok sure you still got the loud drunk, but we would have one drink and then go home. Yeah we were (and still am) so boring.

Even now years later, I still will have only one drink and then call it a night.

Back when I turned 18 (the age limit you can drink in the UK), I became a fan of barcadi breezer and that was my first introduction to alcohol. As I grew up, my taste changed and I found myself loving cocktails drinks, especially pina colada.

As an adult now, I still viewed alcohol drink – not with disgust. But just a way of life. There has been plenty of time over the years when I met clients in pub. I’m still that girl who would rather have water or lemonade then alcohol. I still prefer diluted alcohol drink.

Why am I telling you this story? I recently had a minor kidney infection where I had to be treated by antibiotics.  It was brought on by drinking. It wasn’t a heavy night drinking – but I had one to many. It was my fault and I have only myself to blamed.

I went out with people I didn’t know that well and due to peer pressure I went overboard.

Having a kidney infection sucks and it made me a little bit ill for a week. It has taught me not to go overboard (something that my doctor said) and to stick within my comfort zone. Having this infection just had to happen when I’m so busy with work.

Anyone who reading this, do drink responsible. You don’t want to end up with a kidney infection.


And that a short story of my alcohol consumption. What is your viewed on alcohol.