Now we fully in the autumn season and nearing the end of the year.  Here is my September 2017 blog traffic report and how I achieved my 26,000 page views.

September 2017 blog traffic report

Ok so I saw a little growth throughout September, but my traffic is still going up and still growing. Just not as fast as it did earlier this year. But it all good and at least it not on a downward spiral.

My top 5 most popular posts from September:

I would normally base this list on how much each engagement it has received through various technique: social media, organic searches, comments etc. But this time I based it on how each post exploded on Pinterest. The 4 Autumn books blog post went mental as in one day I got 2,000 hits! How crazy is that? Just from Pinterest. As you will see down below Pinterest without a doubt helped my traffic throughout September.

How did people find my Blog?

My top 3 results came largely from Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Organic Traffic:

Stumbleupon (SU):

SU is just a steady source of traffic for me and it doesn’t look like it slowing down anytime soon. It most defiantly helps on keeping my traffic up.

If you haven’t read my SU post, then read it today.


Pinterest throughout September went off like a firework. I always got an amazing result from It, but this time it really took off. This confirmed to me that it worthwhile investing time and energy to Pinterest. So why did it shoot off like a firework rocket?

Well as always I added all my blog pictures to appropriate boards and to Pinterest groups. I re-pinned various other images. Joined in with Pinterest Facebook groups and start to use it as a personal account, rather than a business one. What I mean by that I always hear from an expert how to use Pinterest like a business and only pinned images from your site, my advice is screw that and use it a personal fun account and pin anything you like. And as always I added more ‘pinnable’ images at the end of my posts.

Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to increase traffic to Pinterest: My 5 Best Pinterest Advice

 Organic Traffic:

My organic searches are now a steady source of traffic.  I had a few people who said they found me through various Google searches, this makes me happy as I’m having new readers.

Now if this is something you would like to achieve for your blog, then I have written the ultimate SEO & blogging guide. It a huge resource of everything that will help you.


What didn’t work in September:

You know what, I can’t think of anything as throughout September everything seems to be working very well. Everything seems to be on an upward trend so I have no complaint about anything as It was all good!

And that was my September 2017 blog traffic report. It was a bloody brilliant month and a big thank you so much for supporting me. It means the universe to me that my blog is doing so well and I couldn’t have done it with you – Thank you so much, everyone.

September 2017 blog traffic report