As part of Anna Nuttall Halloween special, I’m going to share with you some of my personal scary ghost stories. So sit back and enjoy.

Now over the years, I have had strange unexplainable experience. Things that I couldn’t explain. And this could be why I love Halloween so much – it gives me a chance to understand my paranormal scary side.

All of these scary ghost stories are real experiences that have happen to me and still to this day send a chill down my spine.

So dim the light, put out the cat and pour yourself a glass of red wine. Here we go:

Experiences number #1

The recurring nightmare. From a young age to about 12-13, I would have these recurring nightmare. And these nightmares will only ever occur at a certain point of the year. Can’t remember what part of the year now.

The nightmare goes where you have to go be facing face down into the pillow and be sleeping, a man will come round and check on everyone and make sure you are facing face down. If he catches you awake or not facing face down, certain death will happen to you.

Nope, not making it up. To this day I have never been able to explain it. Tried telling my parents at the time but thought it was childhood imagination.

As it got older, the nightmare faded away.

Experiences number #2

My parents live in a fairly big house in the middle of nowhere. The village where the house situated is a 25 minutes’ walk away at the top of a big hill. The house itself is fairly modern and new, however, my parents were not the first occupant – just the second.

I have always been convinced my house was haunted. Always and I still think that. One night while sleeping in my bedroom (which was always the coldest room in the house), just lying there. Now I sleep on my side often curled like a ball. So I was laying there and the room was pitch black.

Suddenly the room went cold, sending a shiver down my spine. Out of nowhere, I felt a cold hand reaching on my back underneath my pyjamas. As soon as I notice it the hand stopped and the air went warm again. I sat straight up to see anything. Nothing.

I remember telling my friends at school the next day what has happened. They all thought my parents were playing a prank. But my parents are not the kind of people to do this. Never forgot it.

Experiences number #3

When I was in my teen, my parents brought me a bunk bed. I kept nagging for one so they gave in and let me have one. Trust me I was the happiest ever.

This where it went weird. Lights would start to flicker; the room would go icy cold when I climb into the bed. My stereo at 2-3am in the morning would go full blast. You would be sound asleep and suddenly my stereo would be blaring music at full volume. Often the TV and stereo would turn off. Things would move.

Yeah after 3-4 months of it, I got pretty scared and moved into another room of the house. Where I slept in a proper bed.

Tried telling everyone but they all said it was the wiring problem. I didn’t have before and I didn’t have the issue since. I would at night turn off the stereo at the plug socket – only to have it still blaring with music.

One night I got so scared, (and I’m a little shameless to admit to this) I wet the bed. After that, I never used the bunk bed again.

Experiences number #4

From a young age – to even now, I would hear my name being called in an empty place. Everyone would be out and suddenly I would hear my name being called. There be nobody else home. It started to happen at my parents’ house and has even occurred in my current home where I am now. Sometimes it so clear I genuinely would think someone is behind me. Nope, no one is around. It will be ‘Anna’ in a voice I am familiar with so I would think it’s my parents or my husband or someone I know. Nope.

I went an RC (roman catholic) primary school and I would tell the nuns about hearing these voices. They always said it was a voice from God and he is calling me. Somehow that never made me feel better.

Experiences number #5

Late teen years and I started to dating Richard by this point. My parents went on holiday and left me in charge of the house for the first time. I was mega chuffed. Gave me a set of keys to lock up the place if I need to leave.

I invited Richard over and we decided to walk into the nearest village to get some foods supply. I had the keys on the coffee table and went upstairs to get my jacket. When I went back to get the keys – they weren’t there. Thought Richard was playing a prank but he was occupied on the phone. The keys were on the TV set. This freaked me right out as I know for a fact I didn’t put them there; it was on the coffee table.

Told Richard was happened but shrugged it off and thought I was imagined it. For the rest of the time, while my parents were away, I kept the keys closed to me at all time.


That was my scary ghost stories experiences. Now I want you all to share yours. Have you had anything that you cannot explain? A sudden burst of coldness or thing would go missing.

I do love reading other people scary ghost stories experiences so don’t be shy and share.

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