Today I’m writing about one of my favorite facial mask. This is this Sanctuary spa thermal detox mask.

I’m quite surprised that I haven’t written to you about this, until now. As I’m always ranting and raving this facial mask to people I know. I’m always recommending this mask to people anytime someone has a skin complaint.

So it fair to say that this is my favorite facial mask. I have been using this for a really long time and I have no complaint.

If you haven’t used this amazing facial mask before then I’m here to explained to you on why you need to try this out.

Effective daily cleansing is the first step to beautiful & healthy looking skin. Infused with a fresh blend of essential oils & skin-loving natural ingredients, each product in our CLEANSE range is designed to effortlessly remove make-up, daily grime & impurities. Discover clean, revitalized skin that glows with health. Intensely purifying yet non-drying deep cleanse mask This Sanctuary spa thermal detox mask uses warmth to help open up pores so charcoal & kaolin clay can help draw out impurities from deep within the skin. Containing soothing & calming myrrh essential oils, the mask helps to remove excess oil to leave skin feeling purified, cleansed & silky-soft.


Sound amazing, does it? Let me show how this flared on my skin

This is me before – don’t I look cheerful!

Sanctuary spa thermal detox mask

And this is me with the mask when it on me

Sanctuary spa thermal detox mask


(Oorer you can see my laundry in this picture. Taking bathroom selfie is never an easy task!)

When you apply the mask onto the face you get a lovely warming effect. And despite the last time I used a charcoal product this isn’t runny or feel sticky.

A lot of you last time I did write about that Sanctuary spa charcoal product was saying how beneficial charcoal is for the skin. I cannot argue you with that as I feel this really work wonder on my face. This thermal mask I feel get right into your pores and clean out all the bad junk.

Overall Sanctuary Spa thermal detox mask helps to brighten the skin and draw out any nasty impurities from the skin.  Every time I use this there is always a noticeable improvement to my complexion and make look healthier and happier. So try Sanctuary spa thermal detox mask today as you are missing out on a really good facial mask. Now you know why this is my favorite.

(This post does contain affiliate links, but I reviewed this product myself and gave a honest response. I will never put anything I hasn’t tried out myself.)