Sanctuary Spa Perfect Facial Kit

This is a review I’ve been wanting to do since christmas, this pregnancy really pushed everything back for me.

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I brought this last christmas as a little present for myself. I suffer from terrible acne, blemish and scars – I’m so bad at the moment I’m not showing my face as I’m a little shy;  so this review will not be a before or after representation of what it does to my face.

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Inside the kit you get these lovely things and a step by step guide on how to use them.

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Step One: Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil  This cleansing oil is used to dissolve all traces of make up and then wiped away using a warm wash cloth, this step is then repeated for the ultimate cleanse. This product is an absolute lovely to used! This small 15ml bottle has already been used several time and I’m going to be buying the full size of this product when I’ve finished it.

Step Two: Peptide Transformation Serum This serum is applied next, the sachet in the box includes a generous amount which mean you can use this more then once. On application the serum feels  smooth and will makes your skin feel soft.

Step Three: Thermal Rose Clay Mask Applied over the serum, this mask heats on application and Oh my god I love this mask! It really does heat up the face and feel so nice, it like being wrapped with warm flannel on your face (strange description but bare with me). You keep this on for 15 minutes, I will be buying the full size bottle of this sometime soon as I just love this product.

Step Four: Leave-on Exfoliating Cream  After 15 mins the mask need to be washed off and then exfoliating cream is applied. After using the mask, nothing felt that good so I only used a small amount and I didn’t really notice any different.

Step Five: Peptide Repair Eye Cream  This made my eyes sting but only because I think I put it to close to my eyes, a nice way to make eyes feel pamper I suppose.

Step Six: Peptide Replenish Night Cream The final step in the facial routine, I didn’t/hasn’t used this yet, so I can’t comment – I skipped this step as I felt my skin felt good enough.


Ok this product only seen to available round christmas so buy it in December as I do recommend this product and it a nice way to pamper yourself if you got a free evening.



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  • Inez
    June 5, 2014

    Sounds wonderful! How are you Anna? xoxo.

  • Rui Jun Luong
    June 5, 2014

    Looks great!

  • Anna Nuttall
    June 8, 2014

    Hi Inez, long time no speak; how are you? I hope you are well. Oh after much ho-ha I now got anti-nausea tablet so at least i’m not throwing up every morning. I’m feeling fat, not sleeping well and want this pregnancy to end – but i keep reminding myself i get something amazing at the end of it. xx
    What new with you?

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