Last night I was invited to a london blogger meet up at the newly opened flagstreet store of Rush hairdresser which was along the Piccadilly road. I was excited as I think it lovely when you can meet up with other bloggers and you can have something to talk about and share your blog url (naturally I was giving my cards out!) as well as Twitter names, you get to meet the people behind the blog. There was lots off ‘oh your so so from so and so blog’ – ‘oh I seen your on Twitter/facebook’ and etc.

Anyway the flagstreet store of Rush, named ‘The House Of Rush’ is a two floor hair/beauty dream – literally anything you want done you can have i.e.: oxygen (please tell me if I got this bit wrong) facial (which is a blast of cold air sprayed on your face), manicure and pedicure as well as botox and off course you can have your hair done. It was a real treat to look around and I made a mental note to get my hair cut there as well as some beauty treatments in the near future.

The great thing about blogger meet-up as well as giving out url cards and sharing your blog info, I walked away thinking how friendly and how everyone was really nice to meet and talk too – there was loads of people in the same age range and you didn’t fill intimidated by anyone. Normally when I got to these event I’m as shy as mouse and take a lot for me to get going (alcohol does the trick usually) but everyone was approachable and you could easily talk too people which I think was nice as there was no ice-breaker or awkward silence.

Oh I also have a special treat for you, the lovely people at ‘The House Of Rush’ have sent me a special code for you to use where you can get upto 20% off any beauty products and Half-Price off Microderm Treatment.

20% OFF Beauty Treatment Code: BLOG20 (please when booking the code is not valid against any other offer and must only be use at ‘The House Of Rush’, vaild againest beauty service only and not hair or products service.)

Half Price Microderm Treatment Code: MICRO50 (The same term & condition apply to the 20% code, it only valid for Microderm Treatment.)

The offer does expire 31.10.13 and the code must be quoted when booking the appointment. 

So anyway here plenty of pictures I took. I think I have rambled on enough so I just let the picture do the talking.

My outfit of the day, a Cath Kidston tea dress with a bag from Monsoon and boots from New Look.

rushblogger1 rushblogger2 rushblogger3 rushblogger4 rushblogger5 rushblogger6 rushblogger7 rushblogger8


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  • Kay Davidson
    October 7, 2013

    What a great evening out! Being in the hair industry this post really grabbed me!

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