As I’m all about skin care and body scrubs. I thought I would show you this Rituals Sea Salt Hot Scrub. Here how I got on with it.

A week ago I was showing you the Sanctuary Spa body scrubs, and as I’m still obsessing over skin care. I thought I would another body scrub that I have been loving.

It from a brand which I love. I know I said this before – but I just love Rituals. And the reason why I love Rituals and what set them apart from any other home and body cosmetic company is their philosophy; Taking their inspiration from the wisdom of ancient Asian traditions.

This is why I’m showing this Rituals Sea Salt Hot Scrub, as it, not just another body scrub that exfoliates the skin. But also comes with an in-depth philosophy that adds a whole hidden meaning. What I mean by this, it not just another marketing jargon scrub thought up in a boardroom, there are a whole deeper meaning and a complete story to it.

So what is the philosophy behind this Rituals Sea Salt Hot scrub? Well, let me explain it to you.

Well, the Rituals of Hamman is one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. This steamy Turkish bath experience originates from the East where purify both body and soul. In days long gone by, this little secret was discovered by a number of people who made the Hamman a philosophy of life.

So with that knowledge, now you know why I wanted to show you this Rituals Seas Salt Hot Scrub.

Rituals Sea Salt Hot Scrub

Discover this nourishing body scrub based on pure purifying Sea Salt with warming Ginger and refreshing Eucalyptus. An intensively purifying, nourishing scrub effect which gives your skin a wonderful tingling feeling. After exfoliating, the skin feels super soft and refreshed, and is left with a wonderful warm sensation that can immediately reduce tiredness. Immediately reduces fatigue and boosts your mood. Made with pure, purifying Sea Salt, warming Ginger and refreshing Eucalyptus.


The first thing you notice when using this Rituals Sea Salt Hot Scrub is the smell. A powerful combination of ginger and eucalyptus. Now I will admit I do kind of like this smell, it reminds me of being in a spa – however, I have a feeling that some people might associate the smell with rubbing Vicks all over your body.  Additionally, if smelling of Vicks isn’t your thing, then do take comfort that you don’t notice the smell when applying and afterwards.

This scrub felt like rubbing bath salt all over yourself. It an odd texture as it felt quite thick and very bristle. The scrub doesn’t lather up and is warned a few bits will stick to the skin; so a good rinse is needed.

However, on the plus side, I felt that this did indeed exfoliate my skin and made a noticeable difference. It was softer and looking a lot healthier. I kept wanting to stroke my skin and even Richard (who is usually blind as a bat when it comes to skincare product) notice my skin looking brighter.

I’m totally sold on this Rituals Sea Salt Hot Scrub. Not only is it one of the best scrub I have used, but I love the whole philosophy behind it and how even though it may be a new product within the Rituals range; It felt familiar and old.

So will you be using this Rituals Sea Salt Hot Scrub?