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Rituals Advent Calendar

by Anna Nuttall

A little Christmas tradition is happening on my Instagram where I spend the next 25 days opening up my latest beauty advent calendar. This year it’s the Rituals Advent Calendar.

I have done this a few time over the years and you all seem to really enjoy my little beauty advent calendar tradition. So guess what – I’m doing it again this year.

Oh yes, but this time it a little different. I’m still doing on Instagram, but this time I will be opening every door on my Instagram story.  What I have done in previous years, is actually upload a little video of my opening my advent calendar. But this time, I decided to do it a little differently.  Partly as I want to upload a lot of Christmas pictures on my Instagram. And also I kind-of-have one of those ‘Instagram theme’ running through at the moment, so I don’t want to spoil it.

If you remember I had a You Beauty advent calendar for the past two years, and before that, it was The Body Shop calendar. So what have I picked up this year?

Well, this year I have gone for the Rituals advent calendar. Something for some, shouldn’t be a surprise. As I have been obsessed with this beauty brand this year. Seriously I have been loving using Rituals products this year. It quite a surprised I haven’t gone on about it too much on here.

What I think set Rituals apart from any other home and body cosmetic company, is their philosophy. And how they take inspiration from the wisdom of ancient Asian traditions.

When I saw that this year Rituals have brought their own advent calendar, I immediately bought it. How could I not! 24 little doors to open – each revealing a little Rituals product to try out.

The calendar itself is beautifully packaged, with it being in the shape of a Christmas tree. I thought that was a nice touch. I have only opened three doors so far, so I don’t know exactly what is behind each door. But I must say, this advent calendar smell divine. I cannot wait to see what is behind each door.

So join me this advent festive season, by checking out my Instagram stories every morning. I will be doing a little video of me opening every door.

Also, it has been a pain trying to keep away from spoiler this year! Every bloggers/vloggers, publication and Instagrammer has already done an advent calendar revel. It also doesn’t help that the cookies on my computer picked up me looking at the ritual advent calendar, so will advertise it to me everywhere online.  With that said, please reframed from spoiling it for me. I always look forward to advent calendar- especially a beauty one. So no spoiler in the comments.

Tune into my Instagram story every morning for the latest Rituals advent calendar revel.


Rituals Advent Calendar

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Dafni Giannouli 4th December 2017 - 5:14 pm

Amazing blog Anna, and very clever article.


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