Review: Sanctuary Spa Replenishing Hydra-Tonic

Hello, I’m going to do a review on this this little beauty today, Sanctuary Spa Replenishing Hydra-Tonic.

Sanctuary Spa Replenishing Hydra-TonicI’ve been using this for about a week and i have had loads of people complimenting me, saying i smell very fruity.
It’s the smell that hit you when put a little dab on your skin, the smell is simply amazing! Smell of Oranges and Grapefruits which is what they use in the ingredients as well as lemongrass, so fruity fresh and light. None of this 3 second smell where you put it on the skin and it disappear, the smell stay on the skin until you wash it off, i found myself constantly smelling my skin throughout the day, that why people been saying i smell so fruity.

As well as the smell, it make your skin really soft and hydrate it (hence the name). It isn’t like other tonic or body lotion which make your hand really sticky or linger on the surface, it instantly sink in and get instant moisturize.
Some other reviews has said they hasn’t notice a different with their skin, my advice would be put in on area of dry skin and see if you can notice a different. I can imagine this being fantastic in summer when you really do need to hydrate and keep you dry skin clear.

Sanctuary Spa Replenishing Hydra-Tonic

I have been using almost all of Sanctuary Spa products for a while, there are my second love when it come to beauty products (my first is Lush Cosmetic) and i have never been disappointed, they always delivered and ideal if you want to create your own home-made spa treatments.

You can buy this little beauty at boots for: £10.25 or buy it directly from the Sanctuary Spa website.

If you have tried this products and want to comment, please feel free to on the comment box, i love to hear your thoughts on it.


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