As I have been in such a baking mode lately, I now keep getting a lot of baking videos recommendation on YouTube. This inspires me to make these red velvet cookies.

Someone asked me recently what I have been doing throughout the lockdown period, and my answer was simple: baking. Yup lots and lots of baking. I think with baking; it was less about the therapeutic value of it – but more of me wanting to comfort eat.

I have been at home and been a little bored, and when I get bored, I like to eat. Not a healthy carrot stick, but chocolates or cookies. Something that will hit the ‘boredom’ spot. I find fast foods disgusting, so I tend to prefer something sweet. It what led me to make these red velvet cookies, I wanted something sweet and comforting.

To make these red velvet cookies, I used a baking kit from Crumbs and Dollies as I’m rubbish at doing things from scratch, so I usually prefer some guidance or assistant.

This Crumbs and Dollies baking kit proved to be helpful as it has all the ingredients already weighed, so there was no need to get out the weighing scale. All you need to add was butter and eggs.

I should mention that the Crumbs and Dollies Red Velvet Cookies kit contain:

  • Flours
  • Sugar
  • Red dyed
  • Vanilla

The method on getting red velvet cookies is dead simple, put all the ingredients together until you have cookie dough, then split them into six equal size balls and then bake. The kit does provide details instruction, and there is also a video to watch if you want to follow along.

Crumbs and Dollies have many baking kits on their website. I picked the red velvet cookies kit. What I might do next time is to try out their Oreo cookies cupcake kit next time.

If you are like me and prefer a helping hand when it comes to baking, then do try out the Crumbs and Dollies baking kits.

In the meantime, have a look at my red velvet cookies.

red velvet cookies kit

red velvet cookies

red velvet cookies

red velvet cookies

red velvet cookies

yummy red velvet cookies

red velvet cookies kit

homemade red velvet cookies

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