Red Oasis Dress

Welcome back to a new series on here, where I delve deep into my wardrobe, and I’ll pick out one item and share it on here.

Not only do I share it on here, but you must also help me decide whether to keep it or throw it away (or at least donate to charity). My wardrobe is chuck full right now, and I need to free up some space.

Red Oasis Dress

I brought this Red Oasis Dress a couple of years ago in an Oasis sale. I was looking for at the time for a red dress, and this one immediately ticked all the boxes. It was a deep red, lacey and pretty. A perfect red dress for all occasions and seasons.

This is my only red dress in my wardrobe, and I like this one a lot.  It does highlight a gap in my closet and once the clear out is complete – I can start the whole process of filling up my wardrobe and buying some more red dresses.

Without saying much more, it’s over to you and to tell me whether you like this or not and whether it stay or go. Comment down below whether you want me to keep or throw away. You decide on the fate of my wardrobe item – the power is in your hands.

I would also like to say, with the current situation you might be seeing a lot more outfit post on my balcony. I hope that is ok. Not the most exciting backdrop but I can still post my outfits.