Recipe: Homemade Paella

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Ok this is my speciality and something I make when I was to cook something healthy and I have an evening free. This meal is a great way to include in some fresh ingredients and if you are like me and is a fussy eater you can include what you like and cater it to how you want too. I first saw this recipe on a website but over the years I have craved it into my liking, my husband love it when I cook this and believe you me he isn’t easy to pleased! I’m going to show you how to make this and hopefully you will like this as much as me.

Cooking time: Approx 30 mins

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 Ok first is the ingredients, all from Waitrose but you can buy them at any supermarket. Fresh onions (already chopped to save on time and tears), Italian Seasons, Chopped Tomato, Garlic Bread, Chick breast chunk, fresh tomato x 2, chorizo, gingers (optional) and pepper. I also added breadcrumb Onion rings as my husband wanted them.

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 Ok  start off with chopping up the peppers and tomato, and leave for a second.

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 Put the chicken in the pan and start to cook them, turn them over when it start to get white.

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 Ok it might be a good idea to boiled a kettle and start cooking your paella rice, let that shimmer for a while in boiling water.

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 Ok time to put in the chopped peppers,tomatoes and onions, stir it around. Also your chicken should be lovely and white by now, if not give that a good stir.

homemade palla 016

 Pour in the tin of chopped tomatoes.

homemade palla 019

Ok hopefully you should still have a boiled kettle from when you did the Paella rice, pour in the rest into the cooking pan. It will start bubbling up so turn up or down the heat (depend how you want it) and leave it for 5 mins.

Keep an eyes on the Paella rice, keep that on a medium heat.

homemade palla 023

It might be a good idea to start putting on the garlic bread to cook, these are optional and you can use normal bread if you prefer. These take 10 mins to cook.

All throughout this I also been cooking breadcrumbs onion rings.

homemade palla 026

Ok by now the water from the pan should have steamed away, if not leave it for another 5 mins. Now might be a good time to dish up, off course it all depends on how your food been cooking, I had mine on a medium heat and it was cooked quite quickly. Don’t rush it and keep an eye on it.

homemade palla 025

Time to cook the Chorizo, let it get really crispy without it loosing the flavor. After then dish it up on the plates.

By now your Garlic Bread it ready so time to include those as well.

Depending how your Paella rice is doing, it should by now be a creamy texture, if you are happy with it then dish it up on the plate.

You should have something that look like this:

homemade palla 034

 Sprinkle over some Italian seasonal or natural herbs if you prefer.

So there you go, your full paella meal complete. Bon Appetite!

I hope it does look apprizing and you have enjoyed this. Let me know if you have cooked this or if you are planning to cook this, i would love to hear some feedback. Would you like me to do more recipes in the future?

Edit:// One thing I forgot to add, normally with a paella you would include Saffron with the rice, Oops I forgot to buy this when at the supermarket but I would normally add this.

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt
    December 5, 2013

    I love paella, but for me it has to be made with saffron and not just turmeric for color – yum yum! Xx

  • Anna Nuttall
    December 5, 2013

    Hi Charlotte, thank you for reminding me – opps I forgot to include that in the post. I would normally have Saffron with the rice but forgot to buy it this time around.


  • adela cechova
    December 6, 2013

    Looks yummy. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It was nice to catch up at the bloggers lunch last week.
    Adela x

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Recipe: Homemade Paella

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