The Problem With Alcohol And Your Skin.

Alcohol addicted

Calling all beauty queens. Are you constantly worried about your appearance and feel that you don’t look you best? Do you ever look in the mirror and don’t recognise that person staring back at you? Is everything a blur and you are having a thumping headache? Well, that strange woman who is staring back at you from the mirror with the thumping headache is you, after a night of heavy drinking. Ahh, it is all coming back to you now, the memories are flooding in like constant television flicking. Where did all those wrinkles and dark lines come from that are starting to appear on your face? You’re sure you didn’t have that yesterday. Do you think you might have over indulged with a little too much alcohol last night? They say it is fun to live life in the fast lane but the fast life isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be if you want to look after yourself.

There are new government regulations to be put in place where High street supermarkets are not allowed to offer cut prices deals on soft alcoholic drinks. The new regulation will fix a minimum price of 40p per unit and retailers are not allowed to offer alcohol cheaper than that. This is hopefully will curb binge drinking among young people.

Binge drinking has led to a rise in alcohol poisoning in recent years and it is only now young people are now recognising what it can do for your appearance and noticing the long term effects. Jamie from explains, “Hydration is essential to maintaining a bright, youthful-looking complexion. Unfortunately, alcohol dehydrates us and can deplete our bodies of nutrients, leaving our skin looking dull and possibly exacerbating existing problems. These effects are only temporary and can be counteracted with water and nutrient-rich foods. However, because alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, too much over a long period of time can cause spider veins.”

Drinking alcohol has had an impact on people’s appearance and behaviour. Teri, 27, explains “when I was 21 I would drink all the time, I put on weight and my skin developed Rosacea which then made me very shy about my appearance. By the age of 24 I stopped drinking and started to lose the weight but my face still looked all red and flushed and I’m still paranoid about my appearance.”

Another nasty effect alcohol can have is not only making you put on weight where you constantly have that bloated feeling, but later as you get older it will led to nasty ugly cellulite, how attractive. This is due to the many toxins in alcoholic drinks and the body not being able to cope. Do you fancy being spotty and smelly as well in the best part of your life? Did you know your liver metabolises most alcohol which will lead to liver damage and cancer. 10% (approx.) of alcohol actually leaves the body through sweat and your breath, anyone want a mint?

So premature aging, dried out skin, flushed out face with Rosacea, bad breath and liver damage. Having that last glass of wine doesn’t sound too good does it? How do you stop this happening, and how can stay healthier.

Cutting down on your alcohol assumption for a start, and when having that glass of wine at meal times or while out, makes sure you drink plenty of water throughout the night. If you really do care about your appearance and how you look, use some willpower and just say no. Your body and your skin will thank you for it.

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The Problem With Alcohol And Your Skin.

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