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I’m sure you heard about the recent Pigdip drama if you haven’t – where have you been? It has been all over the blogosphere (oh, how I hate that saying, but couldn’t thinking of alternative) for the past couples of weeks. If you haven’t heard, let me get you up to speed.

It was discovered that Pigdip was doing dodgy stuff such as they had codes within their plugins which allowed them to access people WordPress admin area, making people site go slow and the whole host of other issues.


This has resulted in a whole host of bloggers feeling both confused and angry, which is understandable as they nothing scarier to feel that someone can access your private space online and then take control of it. I fortunately never had any dealing with Pigdip, but before this happen, I was thinking about buying a theme from them, glad I didn’t now.

I skimmed over the details, but that the general gist of it. You can read more from the various tweets on Pigdip.

I will say, this whole drama made the blogosphere pulled together and helped each other out.

I thought it is my turn in helping out my fellow bloggers, and make a list of places where you can buy beautiful WordPress themes.

So without further ado, let me give you a list of places to buy WordPress themes.

places to buy WordPress themes

Theme Forest – The best place to buy WordPress themes. Some are a little tricky is customising, but you really will find a theme for every blog need imaginable.

17th Avenue – A simple place to buy WordPress themes. This is a good place for fashion or beauty bloggers.

Etsy – Lots of lovely themes to choose from.

Creative Market – A lot like Theme Forest, but a lot easier to customise and more friendly to work with, if you don’t have to time to tinkle with it.

Bluechic – A popular place to buy feminine themes.

Blossom Theme – Another place to buy feminine themes.

Hello You Designs – A lovely place to buy some lifestyle themes.

Pretty Darn Cute – Another lifestyle themes place.

SheShoppes – A new place that does lifestyle themes.

Restored 316 – A place to buy feminine themes for the female entrepreneur.

That was my list of places to buy WordPress themes. Let me know if you find some other sites that do WordPress themes, and I will add it to the list.

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