If you are stuck with photography and really wished, you can talk to someone who is a professional. Well, wonder no more, as my husband who is a professional photographer will do a photography Q&A.

I have been nagging Richard forever to do this, a photography Q&A. He finally said yes and your lucky people can now get some professional expertise on your photos.

Well, when I say professional expertise. My husband is a professional photographer and has been for over 10 years. So you are in good hands.

For as long as I’ve known Richard, he has always had a camera in his hand. He went on to uni and did a master in photography.

He has taught me a great deal in photography, so now it his turned to teach you. And I thought the best way to do this is to do a photography Q&A.

So if you are stuck with photography, or want to learn how to take nice photos for your blog; you’re in the right place. No, really you are.

He is prepared to answers all your burning photography questions. I will also be answering a few basic questions, as I don’t him to do all the works and I do also want to pass along some of my photography tips. As basic as they are.

Photography is one of those skills where practice makes perfect and while I’m no way think I’m a pro like my husband, I do think I have improved and felt ready to take on the world.

So yes, please do comments down below if you have a photography question. But there are some rules, basic rules as I don’t want to flood the guy with all your questions.

You only allowed one question, so don’t comment again and again with different questions. Just comment once and only one question. So make it a good question.

Please also be specific and give as many details on your problem as possible.

Also please state what camera you are using.

I think that is it, so yes let get this photography Q&A going. I look forward reading all your question.