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by Anna Nuttall

This little café has been quite popular on Instagram. So I took myself down there to see it. Let me show you the Peggy Porschen Cakes.

You might have seen this already on various social media platforms, especially on Instagram. As for the past year, this little café has been everywhere on Instagram. Let be honest, this café is designed to Instagram as it really is the most instgrammable café in London.

There no mistaking it pretty pink paint and it cute whimsical décor. So after seeing this café on Instagram so many time, and finding out that it not that far for me. Last week I dragged Richard down to see it for myself. Plus, I never turn down cake. Who would turn down cake?

Peggy Porschen Cakes is headed by award-winning cake designer, Peggy Porschen. Some of you who are familiar with Great British Bake off, might know the name. I’m someone who likes to eat cake – not look at it. So I will admit I wasn’t familiar with this cake designer at first.

The café is set in quite a quiet housing area, near Sloane Square. Not far from Victoria station, and in a good location to get too by public transport.

One thing I didn’t expect when I was planning on visiting, well ok two things now I think about it. First that it was really popular and there’s a queue to get in, secondly, to get into the café and to be served – was to sit outside.

This is bad planning on my part, as we didn’t get to the cafe till just the beginning of rush hours. Urge I hate rush hours. So by the time we got there, a queue has already started forming. It was really popular! In all the Instagram posts I’ve seen, it all look empty and quiet. Not the case when we went. However, Richard kind of nudged me and I decided to queue anyway, I mean I was there – so I might as well sit down and have a cake.

When we got seen, we were told it better to sit outside. I agreed as we were told that for a table inside the café there were 30 minutes wait. Plus, the lady did say she provide us with a blanket and advise up to have a hot drink. I just thanked my lucky stars I decided to put on my thick jumper.

I decided to have something which I’ve never tried before – plum tea. An unusual choice but I was curious about it. Also, can I point out that this was purple tea, how could I possibly turn down purple tea! (To those who know me, knows I’m obsessed with anything purple!) For my cake, I decided on cookie and cream cupcake.

While it was nice to drink plum tea and to have my cupcake, I couldn’t really relax as I was outside. The blanket they provided was very warm and it did stop me from freezing. But when you are layered with a jumper, your jacket as well as a blanket; you can’t really relax and you are just anxious to finish drinking and eating so you can move along.

Apart from having to sit outside, both the plum tea and cupcake was delish. I think plum tea is now my new favourite kind of tea to have, and I will be having that again. While the service was a little slow- but I let it slide as it was peak time and was very popular. It was still lovely to go down and to see the café for myself. The décor both inside and outside is designed with Instagram in mind. It really is the most instagrammable café in London.

My advice would be, and this is something I’m going to do for next time. Is get there early. Yeah, go to Peggy Porschen Cakes at off-peak times. When it a little quiet. I also might wait when the weather is a little warmer, so if I have to sit outside – at least I wouldn’t be so layered up. So yeah, be prepared if you do have to sit outside.

Overall, if you want to visit a cute little café in London. Or if likes me and just love cake. Then do go visit Peggy Porschen Cakes. You won’t be disappointed.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes

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Debbie 16th December 2017 - 4:56 pm

What an inviting place! If I ever get to London I am checking it out. I love cake!

Cristina 16th December 2017 - 8:28 pm

Thanks for your honest review! I’ve been putting off visiting here because of how busy it looks, I hate a packed cafe when you’re meant to be relaxing.


Marjie Mare 16th December 2017 - 11:59 pm

This is so pretty, that will be on my list of places to visit when I go to London. Thanks for sharing.

Audrey 17th December 2017 - 10:55 am

It looks and sounds lovely. I’ve only been through the airport and London and have always wanted to stop for a visit!

Shelby @Fitasamamabear 17th December 2017 - 12:20 pm

It all looks so charming and cute! I love the fairy like feeling!

Roger 17th December 2017 - 12:55 pm

What beautiful images. Seems like a pretty good place! Thanks for sharing

Robert 17th December 2017 - 10:39 pm

Peggy Porschen Cakes sounds like a quaint little boutique bakery. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing this slice of sweetness.


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