Pancakes Amsterdam

If you love pancakes and you are visiting Amsterdam, then you will love Pancakes Amsterdam.

Right, this is the first of many Europe blog post coming up, so buckle up and come take a trip with me around Europe.

Starting off at Pancakes Amsterdam. A cute little café a short walking distance from the train station in Amsterdam. This is – if you haven’t guessed already – a pancake café.

Yes, much like the My Old Dutch Pancakes café in London, I showed you last month. Pancakes Amsterdam is pretty much the same. A café devoted to pancakes. Personally, this my idea of a heavenly café. Who doesn’t love a place that only cook pancakes?

Before we set off on our journey, I have been told by serval people that I must try out the pancakes in Amsterdam as it the best. So with that advice, I indeed took heed. I was very keen to try out pancakes in Amsterdam to see what all the fuss was about.

As I was saying, as you step out of Amsterdam train station; it hard to miss Pancakes Amsterdam café as it literally just outside the station. Very handy if you just had a long train journey and is now feeling a little hungry.

So with a pancakes café, which only does pancakes, you imagined there a flavour for everyone taste? Well, you are right, as it has a huge selection of pancakes filling. You can go sweet or savoury. You can even make your own filling and do both – sweet and savoury. Why not!?

Did I go adventurous and actually went with the sweet and savoury option? Umm, no I was kind of boring and just went sweet. While my husband went savoury.

I went for the traditional typical flavouring sweet options, sugar and lemon pancake. While Richard went for apple and bacon pancake.

I could have gone completely over the top and choose chocolates with my pancakes, but I didn’t. As whenever we were trying to save a bit of money, we would go to a little food store and stock up on chocolates and crisps. When it came around having pancakes, I wasn’t in the mood for chocolates or over the top toppings. Just wanted something simple.

We enjoyed our pancakes so much, then we visited Pancakes Amsterdam twice. Once when we first got into Amsterdam at the start of our journey and secondly when we did a stop for a second time round Amsterdam (didn’t fancy doing the journey home all in one day, so we broke it into two days and plus I bloody love Amsterdam).

And both time, we chose the same thing. Sugar and lemon pancakes for me, and bacon and apples for my husband.

I mean for my second time there, I could have actually been adventurous and tried something different and could have chosen the OTT topping. But we were on our way home and toward the end, I was thinking a lot about my waistline.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is – we both love Pancakes Amsterdam. It a cute little café near the station where you can eat the perfect pancakes. Now I totally see what all the fuss about!

If you happen to be in Amsterdam and fancy pancakes, then go to Pancakes Amsterdam as you will not be disappointed.

But be warned, I feel I should warn you now – it does get busy. We were lucky both time we visited as we didn’t have to queue. But the waitress did tell us to arrive early in the morning and avoid lunchtime.  When we left and finished the pancakes, we could see people queuing up. If you see people queuing for a pancakes place, then you know you’re in good hand.

Now Eurostar does a direct route to Amsterdam, getting there is even easier. So tell me will you be visiting Pancakes Amsterdam?

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam

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Pancakes Amsterdam

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