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Organising A Bloggers Event For June – cancelled

by Anna Nuttall



The above pictures was from a blogger event I went to a while ago, I’m the one in the pink/purple jumper in the front look very weird.

I been thinking of doing this for a while but I’ve been waiting for work to finally sort-out my holiday dates and for here to grow a larger readership.

How would you like a little bloggers meet-up? This give you a chance to meet people behind the blog, shares ideas and get any advices you might have, a bloggers meet-up is always fun and if nothing else at least you can meet people who might like the same beauty brands as you.

I’m thinking Saturday 14th June at Pizza Express along the southbank London  round midday.

Why Pizza Express along the southbank?
It a 5-10 minute walk from waterloo train station, it has connection to the Jubilee,northern, waterloo&city tube lines, it always a lively atmosphere round there. Plus let face it you can’t go wrong with some pizza can you.

If you like, there a couples of bars and pubs we can go to afterward for some cocktails/mocktails, but it up to you guys.

If you are interested and want to come, email me annalisa.nuttall@gmail.com or use my contact form with the subject line ‘June blogger meet-up‘ with your name, blog url and if you are bring a +1.

Please do get in contact with me as I would need to book a table for this so it be useful to know the numbers that be coming.

If you are a beauty brands and would like to organise some samples for this event then I be happy too, contact me and we can work together. Let be honest here, we all like a goody bag and free publicity don’t we.

This isn’t exclusively for bloggers in London, It’s open to all UK people.

I think that is everything, any questions then please feel free to tweet me  and I’d be happy to help you.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to this.

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Paula @ Beauty Lover 4th April 2014 - 2:19 pm

Hello Anna, I will check the diary and let you know if I can make it, would be lovely to meet up again! Hope you are well.

Paula at Beauty Lover xx

Kristen @YourBeautyFix 6th April 2014 - 3:42 pm

Sounds lovely! I wish I was in London 🙁


adela cechova 7th April 2014 - 8:51 am

What a great idea Anna! I hope you’re well.
Adela x



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