This week ootd is a New Look black floral blouse, something a little causal to wear when I’m at the office or if I’m going out for the night (very rarely that does happen but you know I like to be prepared!). When I look at these photos it really does pinpoint that I’m not very good a posing, what with the trawling of the hair and me standing like a loon with my legs open – umm in one it look like I’m wanting to go to the loo. I could re-pose and do another session but by that point my photographer was getting bored;  you can’t get the staff these day. Anyway this is pointless rambling so I just get on and show you the pictures.


IMG_3636a IMG_3640a


By the way the photographer was my husband and next time I try and do it during the day. Please leave a comment on what you think and whether you like it not.

What do you think?

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OOTD: Black Floral Blouse

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