OGX Lavender Platinum Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m always on the hunt for new shampoo and conditioner to try out. And OGX has been making a lot of noise recently. So I decided to try out the OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner.

My hair never stays healthy or shiny for long. Often by the time I have washed my hair, I’m backwashing it again, trying to make it look healthy and shiny. I always have oily/greasy hair. It does drive me crazy! Just due to the fact, for some reason, I also always had long hair and its likes to grow very fast. I think I’m one of those dolls where you pull the arm and the hair grow – well I’m like that but in human form. So often washing my hair take me a while as I have such thick long hair.

Anyway, I’m always on the hunt for a hair product that lets me have healthy shiny locks without the fuss. I hate any oil/moisturiser/spray in my hair, as it just fudges up hair and takes forever to get it back to normal. So I prefer just sticking with shampoo and conditioner.

Which lead me to try out this OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner. Now OGX has been making a lot of noise recently as they seen to be advertised frequently on TV. I’m sure you all seen the advert.

Let me tell you about the OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner.

NEW! Brighten your hair and your day with our new Hydrate + Color Reviving Lavender Luminescent Platinum. Enhance those platinum white tones and remove brassiness while helping your coloured hair live longer with this blend of Lavender Oil and Chamomile extract.


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I do like Lavender beauty products so I couldn’t wait to try this out.

My hair before washing, looking a little sad and in need of a little TLC.

OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner

And this is my hair after. Looking a little happier.

OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner

So how did I find? Well, I couldn’t smell the Lavender until I was lathering it into my hair, and it wasn’t overpowering and smelt really nice. The actual product was quite a thick consistency and looked more like jelly, than a hair product. But once you put it on the hair, it didn’t look like jelly and it also didn’t completely foam up either. Meaning you are not spending ages trying to rinse out the products.

My hair is a little colourless right now, after trying the purple dye. Which just ended up just washing out and fading. My hair is looking a little dull. However, this OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner is aimed at people who have blonde hair. But really anyone who looking to brighten up their dull colourless hair will find these products useful.

As after use my hair – not only felt and looked shiny and healthy. It looked my brighter and not so much dull. Well, it still lacks colour – but it looks better than it was.

My hair also felt soft and had a nice bounced to it.  It felt like my hair had some nourishment and was able to wash away all the previous build of past hair products. So hair felt saloon clean and healthy.

Overall, I was impressed with the OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner and recommend it to anyone who is going through the same hair dilemma as me. A very lovely hair products.

One final thing to say, will you be trying out the OGX Lavender Platinum shampoo & conditioner?

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  • Ashleigh
    January 22, 2018

    Thanks for sharing! I love that OGX is cruelty free and I’ve been looking for a new purple shampoo! Will have to try this one!

  • Stephanie Sherlock
    January 29, 2018

    I love products made in the UK, they are so much friendlier, healthier and safer than products made by companies in US. I would definitely try these products.

  • Anna Nuttall
    January 29, 2018

    A lot of drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug do ship overseas, so you can buy them. xx

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