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Blog Traffic | November 2017

by Anna Nuttall

November was a slow month, but that ok. We are nearly at the end of 2017. Here is my November 2017 blog traffic report and how I achieved my 24,000 page views.

I almost wasn’t going to do a November 2017 blog traffic report, as it was a Deja vu of October blog traffic report. But I know when I compare my stats in a year time, I would kick myself for not recording it. Anyway, I know you guys always enjoy reading this kind of report anyway. So let get on with it.

My top 5 most popular posts in November:

I based it this month on comments count and how many comments each post has received over the past month. This confirmed to me that you guys all are enjoying my posts, and is willing to leave comments. Thank you, this makes me really happy as you guys seem to really enjoy reading what I have written – so I will keep doing what I’ve been doing.

How did people find my Blog?

My top 3 results came largely from Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Twitter:

Stumbleupon (SU):

SU is just a steady source of traffic for me and it doesn’t look like it slowing down anytime soon. It most defiantly helps in keeping my traffic up.

If you haven’t read my SU post, then read it today.


Pinterest throughout the last part of the year went off like a firework. I always got an amazing result from It, but this time it really took off. This confirmed to me that it worthwhile investing time and energy to Pinterest. So why did it shoot off like a firework rocket?

Well as always I added all my blog pictures to appropriate boards and to Pinterest groups. I re-pinned various other images. Joined in with Pinterest Facebook groups and start to use it as a personal account, rather than a business one. What I mean by that I always hear from an expert how to use Pinterest like a business and only pinned images from your site, my advice is screw that and use it a personal fun account and pin anything you like. And as always I added more ‘pinnable’ images at the end of my posts.

I also toward the end of September made the investment to join Tailwind. Keep hearing how important it is to schedule your pins and how it can explode your traffic. So I signed up to see for myself. I will be doing a more in-depth blog post on Tailwind soon, but yeah so far so good. A worthwhile investment.

Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to increase traffic to Pinterest: My 5 Best Pinterest Advice


I will admit unexpected surprise. I wasn’t expecting such a raise from Twitter. I think it did help that new people found my blog from Twitter. I also found that these new people were retweeting my blog links tweets, my mentions were filled with people tweeting both my old and new blog posts. This was amazing and I didn’t expect such lovely attention.  One more thing I did do was post more on twitter and have a chat with people. It well worth turning your attention to Twitter and just chatting with people.

What didn’t work in November:

Only my Referral as I got hit by spam bots! It seriously does fudge up my page views. However, I also started to use Statcounter throughout November. That been a big benefit to see where and how people are finding my site. It a little more details than Google Analytics. It helps me block those damn spam bots.

And that was my November 2017 blog traffic report. It was a bloody brilliant month and a big thank you so much for supporting me. It means the universe to me that my blog is doing so well and I couldn’t have done it with you – Thank you so much, everyone.

November 2017 blog traffic report

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Roamy 30th November 2017 - 12:46 pm

Well done Anna, I have not yet checked my traffic numbers for this month but I`m sure well below what you managed.Keep it up, it can only get better.

Lacy Ngo 30th November 2017 - 2:05 pm

I really enjoyed reading this. I haven’t analized my blog like this yet. I need to look into it. I haven’t used Stumbleupon very much yet. It is still so new to me. I need to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing!

Andy 30th November 2017 - 3:33 pm

Very nice blog! I’m definitely not fashionable.

Shirley Corder 30th November 2017 - 4:55 pm

Thanks for this, Anna. I must really start watching my stats. I never do. Thanks for the nudge! Eighty-year-old and her Walk to Freedom


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