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Walking Around Notting Hill

by Anna Nuttall

If you fancy going walking round London where its slightly vibrant and bohemian, then go visit Notting Hill. Here what I saw while walking around Notting Hill.

Now, if you were to ask me what my favorite district or area of London – I would say three places: Oxford Street (cause of all the shops obviously), Covent Garden and Notting Hill.

And before you ask, I don’t like the district Notting Hill just due to the name of the 1999 film, ‘Notting Hill’ (you know it the one where Hugh Grant falls in love with Juliet Roberts). But It always been my favorite area of London.

I had a friend in uni who lived in the area of Notting Hill and I have to admit I was always envious of her.

So why do I like Notting Hill so much? Well I love the vibrant atmosphere and also how it has that bohemian feel to the place.

Now I have covered Portobello road/market in the past on here, but I love Portobello road/market as it’s a notorious vintage/fashion market that will complete any fashionista vintage wardrobe. I Love wandering around the various stalls and finding that one unique pieces.

The area surrounding Notting Hill is somewhere you can walk for hours and get completely lost – but in a good way. Every corner, every street, every shops, cafes and market stalls offer something new and different. Something you won’t see on any other high street.

Now when we walked around Notting Hill last week, the famous Portobello vintage fashion market wasn’t open – it only open on a Friday.

(While on the subject of the market place, a quick tip, get there early as it does tend to be quite packed with people!).

But we still had a pleasant fun walk down Portobello road, where we stopped off at Biscuiteers Boutique & Icing Café and took photos of my perfect red dress.

If you have an afternoon free or want to explore a new area in London, then go visit Notting Hill as you won’t be disappointed.  Take a look at these pictures I took while I was walking around Notting Hill.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill
Notting Hill
Notting Hill
Notting Hill
Notting Hill

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Katie 21st April 2018 - 8:37 pm

I live in Nottinghill now! I love going to Holland Park.. park 😛 it has some beautiful spaces in it and I feel like it’s so much better than Hyde Park (sorry not sorry!). Beautiful photos x

Katie |

Pablo Heras Palacios 29th May 2018 - 11:44 pm

This is a place that I always visit when I am in London, I love the calm that every street transmit and the beautiful houses around there. I need to visit it when the Carnival take part.


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