I’m all for jumpers this seasons, so much so that I’m showing you my new favourite jumper. Here is New Look Cosiest winter jumper.

Whenever I tell people I work from home, I usually get the reply of ‘surely you don’t stay in the pyjamas all day?’. It does make me chuckle as they obviously never heard of my famous pyjamas party before.

Truthfully I very rarely stay in my pyjamas all day, I do get dressed. Not because staying in your pyjamas can make you feel like a slob, but because I often do get cold and want to put on something a little warmer.

We have no real heating in our place, it packed up/broke a few years ago and the building management was no real help. So for the last few years, we made do without it. I know it a strange concept and something for some couldn’t live without central heating.

But if I get cold, I would make myself some hot chocolate or Chai latte, I also do have a fan heater which very nicely heats up the place. I also do have blankets and hot water bottle.

It might sound all medieval and not something that should happen in the 21st century. But what can you do about it? On the bright side, at least our heating bills in winter are low and we don’t fork out a fortune on it.

Another way I warm up is by wearing thick winter jumper. For example, the past months I have been living in what only I can describe as New Look cosiest winter jumper ever. And that a big statement to make.

You might have seen me wear this in a few of my other pictures. Because it is the best winter jumper I have purchased for a very long time.

This New Look Chenille Jumper is super soft and just perfect to wear on a freezing winter day. It like being wrapped in a blanket when you put this on.

I liked it so much that I went out and bought a second one as I was worried that if I wore out the first one-  at least I have a back-up.

This New Look chenille jumper is quite frankly New Look cosiest winter jumper ever. If you want to stay warm this winter, you need to buy this

I will finish by saying that – this has been my working-from-home attire. Simple and basic, but at least it keeps me warm. Will you be buying New Look cosiest winter jumper?

New Look Cosiest winter jumper New Look Cosiest winter jumper

New Look Cosiest winter jumper New Look Cosiest winter jumper

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