new hair, a new camera and a new perspective

With only 57 days till the end of the year, I feel like I’m ready for lots of new things in life. So with that, I have new hair, a new camera and a new perspective.

Can you believe it? It is only 57 days till the end of 2018, doesn’t time flies when having fun? And if that isn’t scary enough, there are only 52 days till Christmas.  Phew, I don’t know about you, but I really need to get my skate on.

However, despite all that – I feel like I need to start afresh. I’m in the mood for new fresh things in life, such as:

New Hair:

Yup, I re-coloured my hair and got a much-needed haircut. I gave my hair a much need and well-deserved TLC. My hair before doing that was turning into a tangled horribly colourless mess. It was too long, and my hair was a mixture of brown, blonde and purple which looks odd, so action needed to be done. I decided to go dark red and cut my hair to a medium length. It cost a fortune to have done. Seriously why it hairdressing so flipping expensive? This is why my hair get into a mess, as I can’t always afford to upkeep it.

New Camera:

We – well actually he – got a new camera. But I’m saying we as we are both going to be using it. It a Canon EOS R, which is their first full-frame mirrorless camera. And oh my god it so amazing. Such a step up from the Canon 6D. What so special about it? Well, it not only a mirrorless camera, but it also has an electronic viewfinder and has higher ISO so it can shoot at night. You can also do 4k video and use an EF lens. A complete geek about it, and I cannot wait to use it for here. The pictures are going to be amazing.

New Perspective:

Well, only in the sense that I’m trying to be happier and not let things drag me down. A few issues that happen over the past couple of months (which I wrote about it here) which affected my mood. It also affected here a little bit as I kind of lost my confidence and been hiding a lot more. But that all the past and as I was saying, I’m trying to have a new perspective by being happier and letting things slide over me. If I start being negative on here, you have my permission to tell me off.

So yes, those are the things I have started afresh. Are you going to start a fresh outlook before the end of the year?