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Why You need To Go Crazy For Pineapple This Year

Now If you like your fashion a little fruity and bold, then you will love this pineapple trend. Why you need to go crazy for pineapple this year.

I always have this Image when I think of Pineapple as me sipping on a pina colada in a tropical faraway place. I also have this image of being on a tropical island listening to some cheesy maraca songs while trying to attempt limbo. It funny how a fruit can bring up so many vivid images.

Basically I associate pineapple with summer and the beach. It makes me think of tropical climate and fruity cocktails.

And this is why I’m telling you that this year you need to go crazy for pineapple. As this fruit is everywhere. It on your dress, your shoes, sunglasses, phone case and even on your ears.

If like me, you love your fashion to be fruity and bold, then this pineapple trend is for you. Swap boring rainy day office wear for beautiful bright coloured pinapple wear. You certainly will stand out. There no need to wait for your summer holiday, just simple away your handbag for bold pineapple print beach bag.

Wear a pink pineapple dress and shake your maraca around the home. Put on tropical music and day dream about being in a tropical island sipping on pina colda. Go one step further and make your own pina colda drink and then you be that little bit closer to paradise.

The pineapple trend is all about unleashing your inner tropical self. Someone who adore the warmer climate and the white sandy beach.

For me, I can’t help but think of the song ‘Club Tropicana’ by George Michaels. C’mon you know the song:

Club Tropicana, drinks are free,

Fun and sunshine – there’s enough for everyone.

All that’s missing is the sea,

But don’t worry, you can suntan!

As I said before, it funny how a fruit can bring up so many different images. Are you ready to go crazy for pineapple this year?

Pineapple Crazy



Dolce&Gabbana pineapple shoes
£1,635 – modaoperandi.com

Crossbody handbag
£15 – zaful.com

Dolce Gabbana pink purse
£1,315 – farfetch.com

Gold earrings
£2,255 – scullyandscully.com

Pineapple earrings

Rachel Jackson gold ring

Floppy hat
£125 – everythingbutwater.com

Miss Selfridge tech accessory
£1.64 – missselfridge.com

Toms sunglasses
£81 – toms.com



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