rain, waffles and white fur
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My Week of Rain, Waffles and White Fur

by Anna Nuttall

A new feature where I share with you what been going on in my week and what I have been focusing on. I hope this gives you a little insight of me and let you know a little more about me.

So this week, it has been about rain, waffles and white fur.

Ok, my week didn’t exactly start with rain, it was more like oven-baked heat and just endless amount of sunshine. I started Monday and Tuesday with the ending of the heatwave. Thank god the heatwave is over, and that is all I’m going to say on that subject. I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for Autumn.

So subsequently, the rest of the week has been about rain. Glorious rain, singing in the rain, dancing in the rain. Rain, rain, don’t ever go. While some hate rain – I do love rain and always look forward to a rainy day. And when there is rain, there also a thunderstorm. Amazing thunderstorm where the sky just seems to rumble under Thor hammer and lightning just seem to illuminate everything.

Another thing that been my focus for the week is bubblegum waffle. Yes, let me repeat that bubblegum waffle. Now I don’t know about you, but you don’t see bubblegum waffle every day, do you?

rain, waffles and white fur
rain, waffles and white fur

Richard and I decided to investigate and taste test a new waffle café that has opened up near where we live. So I had the bubblegum waffle, while he had the sticky toffee waffle. Yes, I know I’m a 30 something woman who is too old for bubblegum waffle and should act her age. But sod that, I was like a kid in the sweet store. Who would the hell resist bubblegum waffle? No me.

I finished the week by spending a day with a ball of white fur that bark. My parents were looking after a relative dog and ask me to come round and help out.

rain, waffles and white fur
rain, waffles and white fur
rain, waffles and white fur

Everyone meet Bonnie. Bonnie – this is everyo-don’t be shy come back. Yeah, he’s a shy little dog. As I was saying, the name is Bonnie and he’s a bichon frise. I honestly do think he is a cross between sheep and a poodle.

rain, waffles and white fur
rain, waffles and white fur

As you can tell, the camera just loved her. So photogenic.

That was my week of rain, waffles and white fur. A brief summary but hopefully I have more to tell you next week.

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