My Updated Camera Kit

A few years ago, I wrote about my camera kit at the time, but since then I have updated it and have added new equipment’s. I thought it was time for me to show you my updated camera kit.

At the time when I wrote about my camera kit, I said I had a Canon 600D camera and a couple of lenses. Well, tragically last year that camera broke. So, for a while, I was without a camera which sucked. Especially as I couldn’t update my blog or Instagram without the uses of a camera and couldn’t take pretty pictures.

Anyway, I had a little cry to my husband, and he took pity on me and told me that I could borrow his. Yay! So I thought I would talk you through my updated camera kit.

For those who don’t know, my husband Richard is a professional photographer. So, any photography questions, ask in the comments, and I can ask him. He would be better explaining all the technical photography jargons than me.

The camera is a Canon EOS R which is their first full-frame mirrorless camera. It has an electronic viewfinder which makes taking photos a breeze. I won’t go into the specification, but I know it has a feature where it can do 4k videos.

What an electronic viewfinder means is that you can adjust the photo without taking a shot. Rather than the old way where you take a picture and realize it isn’t right, you can now change it all beforehand.

I sill can use my old lenses as they fit on the EOS R camera. They are the:

  • 18-55 mm lens
  • 18- 55 mm lens with image stabilizer
  • Macro lens
  • 50 mm (f1.8)
  • 75 – 300 mm lens

Let me talk you through all these lenses.

The two 18-55mm lenses, while one has image stabilizer on and one doesn’t. The image stabilizer lens stops blurring jerky photos. The image stabilizer lens is my primary lens, and the one I use the most.

75-300 mm is basically a long-view lens and lets you take more extensive photos. This is good if you want to take a big picture and want to fit everything in. Handy if you’re going to take a photo of your surrounding area without craning your neck to get it in.

Just very quickly let explain to you what the various number of MMS means, l18-55 mm or the 75-300 mm relates to how much you can view and how much depth of field the lens has.

A newer lens we have is a 24- 74 f4 image stabilizer which has become my primary lens. It also has the function to do macro photography.

The only problem I have with this camera is that it is big and chunky to carry. I have broken a few handbags just by the weight of my camera. So, when out I usually get Richard to carry it, or I prefer to take simple photos on my phone.

I’m looking to get a lighter camera, one in which I can easily slip into my handbag. That was my updated camera kit. Any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

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My Updated Camera Kit

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