My top 10 fashion commandant #1 – 1. Don’t wear Uggs in Spring/Summer

Ahh these fashion editors always telling us what to do and what not to do in the world of fashion. These fashion rules that always appear in every season, where they appear on your Facebook news feeds, and no  doubt  some fashion guru is twitting  about these fashion rules on twitter; they even appear on your morning television programme where Mr Know-it-all  make a special guest and quite frankly giving you nothing but bad advice on which you don’t need to hear.
It now a constant stream of information about the world of fashion, it enough to make you go insane. These fashion gurus and Mr Know-it-all forever with their finger at the ready at the keyboard (or tablet keypad) if anyone dared to go against their knowledge and expertise and actually use their own intuition. However you can’t help but feel lost with what is cool, what isn’t, where to shop and how you wouldn’t dream of shopping in the damp dingy place in your high street.
Which bring me to my point, Fashion rules are so illogical, and often don’t have a point, so each week I will bring you my own my own top fashion rules that will be logical and something that everyone can follow and to enjoy. In a way I’m just be adding some common sense.

          Don’t wear Uggs in summer.


Please do me and I’m sure a lot people a favour – put away those fur boots and replace them with sandal or at the very least, flip-flop. You will look like an abominable snowman in the middle summer.

     Ok so these boots originate from Australia one of the hottest country on earth but they was often worn as slippers not you everyday shoes.  Do you ever stop and think what you in fact doing to your feet while wearing this summer? Answer damage. Yes your feet would often swell up by the heat inside the boots and would start sweating quite frankly like a pig and would start smelling, this can lead to fungus infection and bad feet. How attractive.
      Another fact is that inside the boots which is covered by sheepskin there is no support for your feet, leaving it unbalanced which can also causing damage for your feet.
      So overall wearing Uggs in the summer time is a bad idea, while the weather is hot, your feet need a chance to cool down. So wear some sandal, flip-flop, wedges instead and please put those uggs at the back of your wardrobe and save them for those winter biting moment.
        So tell me bloggeroo (yeah that what I call you readers, do you dig the nickname?) your thoughts and if you agree/disagree with me. 

What do you think?

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  • Natsie_x
    April 18, 2013

    Im not a fan of uggs at any time of year personally, so Im definitely with you on this one!

  • Inge Lakawa
    April 19, 2013

    lol i cant imagine how hot it will be

    thanks for comment on my blog 😉
    i follow you on gfc,bloglovin,g+
    do you mind follow me back? :3
    visit my blog ^^

  • Beth
    April 25, 2013

    I definitely agree with you on this! Actually, I don’t really like Uggs at any time of year, they’re much better off being used as slippers like they were originally supposed to be xx

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My top 10 fashion commandant #1 – 1. Don’t wear Uggs in Spring/Summer

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