I’m not one to write a list, but this is me turning over a new leaf this season. Here is my to do list for autumn.

Ok want to hear something a little funny, well I actually have brought a little to-do notepad, and guess what – I lost it.  I know what you’re going to say, that will teach you and you need to be organized. Yeah, I have heard it all before and trust me I am organized.  Ok not super organized like a drill sergeant running a military operation, but this girl knows her own organization. She just happens to lost her to-do notepad.

You gotta laugh and there is a little bit of irony in this.

As I said at the start of September, this month is for me having a cosy evening in reading a good book. Settling down on the sofa with a nice mug of hot chocolate and enjoying the crisp autumn air.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m not one to write a list. I don’t think I’ve ever written a shopping list in my life (saying that maybe I should as it would stop the staff at my local Tesco thinking I live there!) and I don’t think I even wrote one when I was planning my wedding. Good job I didn’t forget anything.

I have never been that girl who would sit on her sofa in the evening writing a long list of things I would need to do. C’mon who has time for that? If you forget something, who cares? It isn’t exactly the end of the world.

However, till recently I been finding myself mentally writing a long list of all the things I want to do of as late. You could very well blame it on the age, I’m not as young and sprite as I use to be. Oh god, that makes me feel depressed writing that.

What I’m trying to say, I’m slowly morphing into a proper grown up and instead of trying to mentally remember everything, maybe perhaps I do need to write a to-do list.

This is a defining moment in my life, this is the moment I become 30 something women and take control of my life. (Pretend lightning bolt just strike through that sentence dun dun dun!)

I have no doubt my husband would be pleased to hear this as he has been wondering when I would catch up. Never was always my answer.

This is the moment that I, Anna Nuttall take a stand and be strong. I will face the challenge – even if it kills me. I will finally write my to do list for autumn.

Anyway enough power talk, I suppose you’re just here for the damn list! Autumn this year is all about me turning over a new leaf and actually settling down of an evening writing my to do list for autumn.

  • Starting to buying paperback books again. As much as I love reading on my Kindle, I do find it distracting. Especially when I want to rest my eyes from the screen. You know the only paperback book I have is a confession of a shopaholic and I’ve read that about 10 times now. I do think I need new materials.
  • Find my to-do list. That really should have been at the top of my list, shouldn’t it?
  • Organized my office better so I can find the damn to-do notepad.
  • Buy better-organized drawers so I can organize my office and find that to-do notepad.
  • Sort out my hair as it looks bloody awful.
  • Learn how to make brownie from scratch.
  • Buy a better weighing scale. Now I think about it.
  • Indulged in all thing Outlander – especially Jamie Fraser. Opps did I say that out loud?
  • Start to sort out my beauty products. My god people if you could see how full my dressing table is with beauty products.
  • Sort out old clothes. This just goes without saying really.
  • Stop buying so much pretty dresses. Who am I kidding??
  • Organized something spooky for Halloween. I just love Halloween.
  • Organized Richard’s birthday. I already have plan – just need to put it into action.
  • Pay off my credit card. Don’t ask.
  • Have a walk in a forest and get lost.
  • Enjoy a Costa hot chocolate with little marshmallow in. Guilty pleasure here.
  • Take up swimming again. If I can find a place near me that does it cheaply!
  • Do more outdoor photography on my own.

And that is it for now. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this later on. Right now I have written my to do list for autumn, it over to you. What would you write?